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Re: PWA Thunder - Monday, September 3rd - #15

PWA Thunder . September 3, 2012 . Nottingham, England

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Triple Threat Match
#1 Contender to the TV Title

Dave Martini (85)* defeats The Tutor (68) and GTI (61)

Singles Match
Jack Young (81) defeats Mr. Submission (61)*

Singles Match
The Poet (50) loses to Little Jiminy Cricket (72)*

Singles Match
AG Zero (67)* loses to Nelson King (84)*

Main Event
Singles Match

Mascara de la Muerte (61)* loses to Lee Powell (77)*
* denotes promo for Overness purposes.

After the final match, Lee Powell is celebrating in the ring when he is suddenly attacked from behind by two men from the audience, dressed in normal clothes. They beat down on Powell, before the rest of the Cataclysm comes out to help, at which time the two men bail, making their way around the ring and eventually up the ramp while AG Zero and Young challenge them to come back into the ring.

Johnny Ray: Chaos in the ring! Who are these men!?

The two men back slowly up the ring, laughing; and the audience is confused. Suddenly, a voice is heard over the titantron.

"How we all doing tonight?"

The audience has mixed reactions, as Kevin Andrews' face appears on the screen, smiling.

Fish: What exactly is going on here, Johnny Ray?

Johnny Ray: I'd tell you if I knew, Fish. Perhaps Andrews is out here to explain.

The GM continues speaking.

Andrews: First of all, let me congratulate you, Powell, on your victory tonight.

Powell, holding his head and being helped to his feet by AG Zero and Young, sneers back at Andrews while the audience boos.

Andrews: I notice you also got to meet two friends of mine.

Johnny Ray: Friends!?

Andrews: You see, things have been getting out of hand here, recently. The wrestlers of the PWA, from the top of the card to the bottom, from the good guys to the bad guys, have been running the asylum - and I can't let that happen anymore.

I told you I had a special announcement tonight, and I do. And my message is this: while the Cataclysm has been causing all kinds of chaos on MY show, I have been looking around the world for some... let's say, "help".

And tonight, right here in Nottingham, I found it. Everyone, I want to introduce you to the two men who, as of tonight, will act as my personal "army" of sorts. Two men that the PWA will be getting very used to very soon. Two men, born and raised right here, in England.

The crowd pops loudly.

Two men who have brawled in the streets of London, and have fought the law in the alleys of Nottingham.

More pops.

Two men who are now going to help me RESTORE THE LAW on Tuesday Night Thunder. Ladies and gentlemen, to your left, "Sovereign" James Shelley, and to your right, "The Gentle Giant", Ronnie Shullman.

Backstage, in the ring, all throughout the show, there has been too much disorder, too much chaos, and too much power in the hands of lunatics. Just like the lunatics you see before you in MY ring.

The audience cheers at that jab.

And the lunatic who holds MY World Title. And the lunatic who used to be known as Nelson King.

Audience boos at Andrews insulting the face of the company.

Things have become too crazy, and I am not going to take it any more. From this moment forward, if you challenge my authority, if you disrespect me on MY OWN show, if you try to take the power and the glory for yourself, if you think you run this ship...

... then, my friends, you are greatly mistaken.

From this moment forward, order will be restored to the PWA. And you will learn to listen and RESPECT...


The audience is half-happy, half-upset. Many of them boo while some golf-clap in approval, as Andrews finishes his comments and smiles down at the Nottingham audience. Shelley and Shullman smile too, and pat each other on the back, as the Thunder logo emerges on the screen and the show fades to black.

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