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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Originally Posted by murder View Post
I'm willing to give Cena/Rock 2 a chance, but only if WWE will give us what they should have given the first time and that is an intense feud over the WWE title with both guys actually wrestling during the build-up to get people more invested instead of just talking every other week.

That's the main thing I hate about Icon vs Icon or Legend vs Icon matches, they try to sell the match by name value and promos alone. This may work in boxing and UFC but not so much in wrestling.
I actually feel very similarly. And I think it's because, in terms of a compelling feud/storyline/angle... there wasn't any for Cena/Rock I. All of those segments on Raw, all of that bullshit... It sucked. Let's be real, it was lame and obnoxious for a whole host of reasons. The match itself and the business end of it for WWE was a wild success for what it was going for. But the build-up toward it? Eh. Nothing special at all, especially once we hit autumn 2011 with all of that nonsense with Cena simply wanting Rock to be his partner for no reason. I swear a crack-addled monkey could have written a better storyline in five minutes than that horse shit. How about... Miz and R-Truth pummel Cena nearly to death at three WWE shows in a row (Vengeance and two Raws in a row), Cena seems in peril because of their unpredictable tactics. Rock shows up and says, "Hold the phone, I don't want my historic dream match vs. John Cena at Wrestlemania XXVIII ruined by these two jabroni bitches, I'm here to save Cena for the sake of whooping his ass at Wrestlemania!" Instead we had the biggest, most absurd clusterfuck of an angle (as well as cruelly disappointing in too many ways to list) and that segued to the following year's crap with Rock and Cena.

A real storyline this time, with the WWE Championship at its center? I think it could be cool, and it might even redeem them for the huge swing and a miss (or did they swing at all?) with providing a strong storyline for Wrestlemania XXVIII's main event. Ever since Wrestlemania III, there has been a tradition of Wrestlemania main events becoming rematches at future Wrestlemanias, a theme that will apparently continue with Rock and Cena.

And Starbuck's right. The Streak has proven to be a definitive draw of Wrestlemania. Lesnar is being set up for that match. It's not like the Summerslam main event between Triple H and Lesnar was some kind of universally adored instant classic that everyone wants to see again. It'll be interesting to see how well it did when the Summerslam buyrate comes out, but it seems rather clear that the two likely matches underneath Cena/Rock II are Lesnar/Undertaker and probably Punk/Triple H (since they can link Punk and Triple H up through the Heyman/Lesnar connection), and on top of those you can probably bet they'll pull the trigger on Sin Cara/Rey Mysterio along with something big involving Sheamus/Orton/Ziggler/Barrett from Smackdown, probably, and something for Daniel Bryan, The Miz and Alberto Del Rio. Maybe Damien Sandow can finally win the Intercontinental Championship there from someone, perhaps Christian?

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