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Re: Gay Veteran talks to Mitt Romney

Originally Posted by kobra860 View Post
I know that. However, I find it implausible that the gay pride parades are supposed to be uplifting when it perpetuates the negative stereotypes that gay people combat. When the stereotypes being perpetuated are ridiculous like wearing revealing leather attire how does that accomplish anything? The pride parades should focus on portraying gay people as just regular people or shouldn't really exist to begin with.
They're being themselves. If they wanna wear leather chaps and cowboy boots in the streets during a gay pride parade, or anytime for that matter, then they should be allowed to. You have a problem with it because it's different. People fear what's different. That's why racism and pretty much hate in general exists. Judge someone based on the content of their character, not their wardrobe. They act as they do in those parades not because they're trying to piss people off, but because they're happy that they can finally be surrounded by people who aren't giant dickholes and actually accept them for who they are and don't write them off as a "fag". And so what if they're trying to piss people off? The only ones they'd piss off are the intolerant, narrow minded bigots who hate them in the first place.

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