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Re: Gay Veteran talks to Mitt Romney

Originally Posted by Makaveli View Post
Exactly, but people still put their business out there. You know how many guys I've been around who talk about what girls they have fucked or want to fuck? No one cares about their business either but they still put it out there? Why are we singling out gays with "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"? It's discriminatory.
Just because some straight people do it, it doesn't mean that everyone still tolerates it. It annoys me when I see heterosexual couples making out in public. Same for when guys brag about their sexual conquests. Also for the guys bragging, they're usually doing it in informal settings. They don't have any flags or bumper stickers.

Every race, culture, ethnicity, etc. has a stereotype and every single one of them is perpetuated by somebody. Just because SOME gays perpetuate a stereotype doesn't mean they're all the same just like whites, blacks, asians, etc. aren't the same. I'm a white guy that listens to rap, uses slang, and hangs around more blacks than I do whites. It's 2012, get over stereotypes because they're all stupid and ignorant. Thanks.
I know that. However, I find it implausible that the gay pride parades are supposed to be uplifting when it perpetuates the negative stereotypes that gay people combat. When the stereotypes being perpetuated are ridiculous like wearing revealing leather attire how does that accomplish anything? The pride parades should focus on portraying gay people as just regular people or shouldn't really exist to begin with. The number one stereotype for gay people is sexual deviancy and hypersexuality so when people see those images at the pride parades that are supposed to be uplifting how are we supposed to take it? I know that it's just some gay people who are like that but the pride parades are more about attention and being flamboyant.

Stereotypes will always have a prominent place in our society no matter how ridiculous they are.

Originally Posted by C_JBennett View Post

The Hitler comparisons do fit in that antisemitism and homophobia are forms of bigotry that deny people their rights, humanity, personhood (all of which I already explained). When I have kids, I couldn't care less if one of them happens to be homosexual. There are FAR worse things people can be than homosexual.
The main right that gay people are complaining about is the right to marry. They're not being banned from public places or forced to use separate bathrooms. That's really the only "issue" that gay people are worried about right now and based on the current state of heterosexual marriage in this country, it's not really worth fighting for. And let's be honest: it's all about the financial benefits from marriage. That's what they're fighting for.

Originally Posted by C_JBennett View Post

Yes, they are extremes. How difficult is that to follow? Not ALL homosexual men dress like that on a regular basis as everyday attire. People like to throw around the "keep it in the bedroom" when it comes to homosexuality but would not think to bat an eyelash when it's under the umbrella of heterosexuality.
I never said that they did. I mentioned earlier that I have the same feelings about heterosexuality in that I don't like PDA and people talking publicly about their sex life.

Thank you Edge.

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