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Re: Gay Veteran talks to Mitt Romney

Originally Posted by kobra860 View Post
What people do in the bedroom should stay private.

I'm sick of people making Hitler comparisons when they don't fit. Most people out there aren't 100% comfortable with gay people. Everyone is the most liberal person in the world until their son or daughter comes out of the closet then people show their true feelings. Some people may not flinch at all but most people will take a while to accept it.

Extremes? If you look at the pictures from gay pride parades it's almost the equivalent of a minstrel show for gay people. All of the worst gay stereotypes are perpetuated and people try to pass it off as liberating for them. Sexual orientation and other aspects of sexuality shouldn't be publicized in that manner.
Yes, what people do in the bedroom should be private. Yet I rarely see anyone throwing a shit fit over a heterosexual couple.

The Hitler comparisons do fit in that antisemitism and homophobia are forms of bigotry that deny people their rights, humanity, personhood (all of which I already explained). When I have kids, I couldn't care less if one of them happens to be homosexual. There are FAR worse things people can be than homosexual.

Yes, they are extremes. How difficult is that to follow? Not ALL homosexual men dress like that on a regular basis as everyday attire. People like to throw around the "keep it in the bedroom" when it comes to homosexuality but would not think to bat an eyelash when it's under the umbrella of heterosexuality.

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