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Re: What the F*** was that? (Wade Barrett Return)

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
I've seen plenty of him on the Indies, and he sucks on NXT. Nevermind the fact that I did see plenty of Indy work, why would I need to see anything other than RIGHT NOW? If he sucks RIGHT NOW, it doesn't matter what he USED to do.
The fuck are you talking about. You always say ring work doesn't matter and how you don't care about it, so how does Hero suck exactly? The writers are the ones writing for him, so you cannot blame Hero. And what he used to do is what got him to WWE. It most certaintly does matter and show what he's capable of.

Originally Posted by CaptainObvious View Post
He's completely right. Ohno is completely bland, boring, and uneventful. Nothing he's done in FCW or NXT has been interesting and because of that Barrett now has a better version of his gimmick. Ohno only has himself to blame for that. Ohno's indie work is irrelevant as he's not working the indies, he's working WWE and currently he's failing at it.

There literally cannot be enough of these. WWE is writing for Hero. How does he have himself to blame when he hasn't even got on TV yet? And I see you're another one of those WWE marks who say "Everything else is irrellevent" despite that being the thing that got him here in the first place. So much ignorance, I swear.

Originally Posted by TD Stinger View Post
So, letting him destroy John Cena and the entire ring while leading a new faction on his very first night on the main roster is pissing in his mouth? The fact the he even bothered to promote his return is pissing in his mouth. Wow. Again he's been back for one night. Let's see where this "Wade Barrett is Open for Business" thing leads. You are way to quick to jump to ridiculous conclustions.

And, really you need to choose your words much better. In your eyes, if a guy (especially a guy you like) doesn't get pushed, the answer is "Vince hates him." Like, I've heard you say "Vince hates Christian" b/c of that 2 day title reign. I think the words you are looking for "Vince doesn't feel confident in Christian as a guy who can carry a brand or his company." But no. To you, it's "Vince hates him."

Honestly, you sound like an easily angered 8 year old child sometimes.
Atleast somebody speaks some sense. I'd be surprised if Vince even knew who the fuck Wade Barrett was. He's not a writer, and Barrett isn't a big star. He is a midcarder who at one point got to be in the main event because the storyline was hot. Nothing more.

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