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Re: Gay Veteran talks to Mitt Romney

Originally Posted by kobra860 View Post
Accusations of homophobia get thrown around way too much. No matter how open minded someone is, it seems like anyone who says anything against certain parts of the gay culture or the gay "movement" gets called a homophobe even if they have legitimate points. One example is the gay pride parades which just perpetuate negative stereotypes about gay people and their media images.
But he didn't have a legitimate point. He's a homophobe judging by his posts.

Originally Posted by GlassBreaks View Post
I am against gay marriage in the context of the original post where two male or female lovers would get the same benefits as a straight married couple.

It's not homophobia. That's a politically correct buzzword that you guys use to try and slander someone who disagrees with your point. No one here ever said gays join the military to pick up on guys.
YOU HAVE AN IRRATIONAL FEAR OF GAYS. You'd prefer to avoid them if humanly possible. That's the exact definition of homophobia. Saying gays don't deserve the benefits a straight couple does is discrimination and it alludes to the idea of them NOT being equal to everyone else the same way blacks were viewed by America for hundreds of years. Being Anti-Gay is the equivalent to being a racist.

But if you've ever been in a desolate mountain area for months at a time in between your deployment leave, things get antsy and rough. You get urges. Gay guys will get urges just like straight ones and their choice is readily accessible.
So they're going to RAPE you? WTF? Because they're gay they all of a sudden are a subhuman race with no morals and would as quickly rape you as they would look at you? Such an ignorant train of thought.

Originally Posted by kobra860 View Post
What people do in the bedroom should stay private.
Exactly, but people still put their business out there. You know how many guys I've been around who talk about what girls they have fucked or want to fuck? No one cares about their business either but they still put it out there? Why are we singling out gays with "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"? It's discriminatory.

Extremes? If you look at the pictures from gay pride parades it's almost the equivalent of a minstrel show for gay people. All of the worst gay stereotypes are perpetuated and people try to pass it off as liberating for them. Sexual orientation and other aspects of sexuality shouldn't be publicized in that manner.
Every race, culture, ethnicity, etc. has a stereotype and every single one of them is perpetuated by somebody. Just because SOME gays perpetuate a stereotype doesn't mean they're all the same just like whites, blacks, asians, etc. aren't the same. I'm a white guy that listens to rap, uses slang, and hangs around more blacks than I do whites. It's 2012, get over stereotypes because they're all stupid and ignorant. Thanks.

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