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Re: My message to you members

Originally Posted by BrahmaBull12 View Post
That's different, friends are friends. Friends also hold back what's supposed to be held back, and jokingly make fun of each other. In this situation it's random ass people who are just shredding the dude. I know it's the interwebs and people shouldn't care, but obviously he cares to some extent by falsely trying to quit the site.

No one said people can't joke around, but some of this shit is a bit overboard.
I've always found it a bit strange that people automatically go to looks when insulting somebody. People don't choose what they look like, they can cover themselves up or get cosmetic surgery, but they can't change the looks that they inherited. I just don't get how making fun of somebody for something that they can't control is supposed to be effective. Why not go after somebody for something that they can control? I don't really agree with bullying of any sort, but I know that it will always happen, so people should at least come up with valid insults.

Making fun of somebody for being ugly is like making fun of somebody for having cancer, they can't control it and it really shouldn't be something that you pick apart.
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