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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

PWG Threemendous III

Joey Ryan vs Famous B: **1/2
This wasn’t the go all out match that was the opener of Death to All But Metal but this wasn’t a bad way to start the show. Famous B has now opened the past two shows against PWG veterans and hopefully that helps him develop as a wrestler. Yeah, and Joey Ryan using the Tazmission was awesome.

TJ Perkins vs Roderick Strong:: ***1/2
These guys don’t get enough credit IMO. These guys hold for hold with each other in the early going and it fast and furious like nobody’s business. Roderick Strong is a bit of a brute just like I like it and kills TJ Perkins back in this match. They tried to get across the point that these guys are both veterans and they got that across by doing plenty of countering. The countering also helped make every move seem like it was earned so they didn’t have to do some crazy move to get a big reaction they just jockeyed for the advantage and when either man hit a move it seemed like they at least put some work into it. These of the kind of matches I like in the midcard. It won’t blow your mind but it is a bunch of fun to watch.

RockNES Monsters vs Fighting Taylor Boys: ***
The RockNES Monsters went all heel up in this match. While it wasn’t completely apparent in the beginning that they would be going there by the end it was without question which side of the face/heel divide they would be on. Chuck Taylor is criminally underrated I think. He has the skills to get it done in the ring and as a good deal of charisma. The fact that the fans love him made the hot tag get a good pop and be quite satisfying.

I think the new direction of The RockNES Monsters will make them fresh they didn’t quite do a great job in this match. That was a big hindrance of the match IMO. The fans really didn’t know what to do with them so when you have a crowd that wants to be electrified as possible but too confused I guess to help the match it hurts things. I feel it is going to be difficult for Yuma to pull off being a heel if he can’t shake his fun-loving attitude. He has the body of an underdog for sure but there is no reason that should make it so he can’t pull it off. Plus they as a tandem had a few moments of awkwardness. I have no doubt though that once they can find their footing as heels they can be revitalized and start going at it with the SSB.

Brian Cage vs Eddie Edwards: ***1/2
Another good match by Cage here. How PWG can turn a young guy into a main eventer with only a show a month and ROH can’t seem to do it with multiple shows a month beats me? Probably has something to do with Reseda having a room that is full of the most energetic crowd in America and ROH unsure how to book there wrestlers. Brian Cage is a FUCKING MACHINE and Eddie Edwards is one of the top independent talents out there. Somehow I’m not too surprised these guys put together a really good match.

Kevin Steen vs Willie Mack: ***3/4
I don’t know how Brian Cage got me thinking about him after a damn fine match but he did. He interferes about of the way through the match, takes out Kevin Steen and then next thing you know he is taking off Willie Mack’s head with a discus lariat. And then he pretty much just leaves staking that whoever comes back after him kicking ass he wants to take on and get that strap. That was me pretty much saying I’m okay with Brian Cage interfering since it the grand scheme it has a purpose.

Kevin Steen cut the goofiness out in this match which made a ton of sense since the last time these two wrestled Willie Mack was able to upset him. He was not taking the chance of that happening again and takes it right to Mack. Steen wanted to show Willie Mack that he was the alpha-male. So when Willie Mack takes all this punishment and still gets up the crowd begins to turn more in favor of him. The chants of “KILL STEEN KILL” that filled the room in the beginning of the match were trounced by the “LET’S GO WILLIE” chants. I thought the near falls were well done and led to a sweet ending that I wish would have been a little less quick. That said seeing the Psychodriver was great way to end the match I just wish Steen held Mack a little longer for the epicness of that move to sink in. Doesn’t really hurt anything though.

B-Boy vs Drake Younger:***
These guys went to town. Yes there was lots of no selling but in the end the action was good and I didn’t feel offended like some people. I also wasn’t blown away because These guys just got right up from moves that were killers and it made so many moves feel unimportant. Drake’s no selling annoyed me so bad because he was trying to like do “hulking up” or “fighting spirit” and he slapped the mat and stood straight up like nothing happened. That kinda upset me. Since the crowd was into it and they did do a lot of fun stuff it doesn’t end up being that bad. But I can see why it would make people really upset.

Michael Elgin vs. Sami Callihan:***3/4
I thought this was better than the previous match. Hard hitting, smash mouth, in your face wrestling. Like Rah said, Callihan was doing is regular thing. I really don’t have much else to say

Super Smash Bros. vs Future Shock vs The Young Bucks (Ladder Match):****3/4
I don’t know what I just watched besides my new MOTY. HOLY BALLS!!!

Overall:Another amazing show from PWG. While DTABM had 2 MOTYC and a sold undercard, Threemendous III had the craziest ladder match I have ever seen and a solid undercard so I'll just consider them both equally amazing BUYS.

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