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Re: Gay Veteran talks to Mitt Romney

Originally Posted by fergieska View Post
But this isn't a legitimate point. The guy would prefer the "don't ask don't tell policy" due to his irrational views. That's a picture perfect example of a non-legitmate reason.
What people do in the bedroom should stay private.

Originally Posted by C_JBennett View Post
People don't accept his opinion anymore because it's fucking archaic and obviously wrong, he has every right to have an opinion but it's still fucking wrong. Hitler hated Jews, if I was alive during that time would your argument work then? No, it wouldn't.

Awesome example of using extremes to illustrate your argument that it isn't his fault as to why he is wrong. I see that kind of thing too and do not believe that all gay guys want to fuck all the time, as do many other people.

I said it in another thread and I'll say it in this one too... Homophobia is wrong in the same way racism, antisemitism and other forms of bigotry are wrong in that it denies them their humanity, personhood, and dignity. Now who the fuck are you, GlassBreaks, or anyone else to do that?

GlassBreaks is correct on two accounts: (1) Everyone should be treated equal; (2) There should be no sexual harassment in the military or anywhere for that matter.
I'm sick of people making Hitler comparisons when they don't fit. Most people out there aren't 100% comfortable with gay people. Everyone is the most liberal person in the world until their son or daughter comes out of the closet then people show their true feelings. Some people may not flinch at all but most people will take a while to accept it.

Originally Posted by C_JBennett View Post
You just contradicted yourself there. They are extremes, but when you use them as examples they are not extreme? Yah, it's common in GAY PRIDE PARADES, but it's still an extreme form of expression.
Extremes? If you look at the pictures from gay pride parades it's almost the equivalent of a minstrel show for gay people. All of the worst gay stereotypes are perpetuated and people try to pass it off as liberating for them. Sexual orientation and other aspects of sexuality shouldn't be publicized in that manner.

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