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Re: Gay Veteran talks to Mitt Romney

The way how GlassBreaks is threated in this thread is a typical response "It's 2012! You must accept gays" but on the other hand people are in 2012 not ready to accept other opinions like this of GlassBreaks.
The guy feels uncomfortable and this is his right.

Originally Posted by Redead View Post
then why let women serve?
The women who serve have a separate bathroom and a room for sleep. Men and women are seperate while here straight men and homosexuals share the same rooms

Originally Posted by Mister Excitement View Post
It sounds like you're not that comfortable with your own sexual orientation. Could it be that you aren't comfortable around gays because you yourself are trying to suppress your own homosexual desires?

I myself am a homosexual and I can totally relate to what you're going through. When I first realized that I was gay I tried to hide it up by being homophobic. It was a stupid thing to do and it only made the process of accepting myself for who I am much worse. You need to stop this behavior right now and just learn to embrace the rainbow. PM me if you want to discuss this more. I am here to help, bud.
I don't know what you try to accomplish here. Quoting someone who will not accept homosexuals and making fun of him by making homophobic remarks? The term rainbow is very degrading and is one of the stereotypes.
That what you do is like me messing with a racist in a Malcolm X thread by posting "get the fuck out you racist pig and let the .....s post"

Originally Posted by C_JBennett View Post
From the content of your post it seems like you are well versed in what sexually arouses a homosexual man. Either that or you're just plain stupid and think that all homosexual men are hypersexual and want to fuck any and all guys at all times.

Aren't there much more important things to be worrying about than sexual orientation?
Don't blame people like GlassBreaks for thinking that all gays are hypersexual who want to fuck all the time. Thank the homosexuals for dressing like Mr. Slave or a giant penis on those parades. It's their fault for dressing and acting like that instead of fightig for their rights in a rightful way.

Originally Posted by CamillePunk View Post
Are you afraid he is going to rape you in the butt?
That has nothing to do with raping in the butt. If a woman serves with a bunch of men for weeks she would feel also not comfortable. That doesn't mean that these guys are psychos who would rape her, that has something to do that she is a woman and they will look at her different, especially when they spend much time together away from home. Same here with the example of GlassBreaks.
I dont give a fuck if my neighbour thinks of a woman, man or a horse in his fantasies but if I have to share a room with him It would bother me

To be honest I am surprised that it was posted on page 5 and not earlier. That means every Israeli who hates muslims wishes he was one and every muslim who hates americans wishes he would live in USA.
I hate that, this is so old, so overused to death. Why can somebody not hate gays simply because he hates them?
If you agree with him or not but at least GlassBreaks has some arguments while some people on the other side posts nothing than immature homophobic jokes.
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