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Re: Gay Veteran talks to Mitt Romney

Originally Posted by Anark View Post
I've just read the article link-posted by GlassBreaks. It did actually show me a different side to the argument that I hadn't considered, and that side is when you have more than one gay in a barracks and they start having an affair together.

I can understand the story and how that particular situation would have a negative effect on the team spirit needed for military operations.

However, there is a paragraph towards the end which had my spider-sense going crazy, and I'd like to know other people's thoughts on it.

Here it is:

The real objective of those seeking to lift the ban is not the end of some perceived injustice but the normalization of homosexuality. This is entirely unacceptable. While a society can tolerate some deviancy on its fringes, it cannot accept it within its mainstream. Homosexuality represents a threat in that it creates an inappropriate sexual outlet that corrupts the natural relations between men and women. If increasing numbers of men and women opt out of child-bearing and child-rearing and choose "alternative" lifestyles instead, our society increasingly will be unable to renew and maintain itself and will ultimately founder. Those who choose the "traditional" lifestyle will find their task made more difficult by a disintegrating social structure.
I understand that the military is not the place for social experiments, but everything the writer of that article said just had a shitload of bullshit poured on it by his inference that normal heterosexual couples are going to struggle to pro-create because there are more and more gay men in the world.

It reminds me of a theory I once thought of and never really committed to. If we evolved then gayness must have a reason. And then I noted the increasing populations of the world, and I thought maybe homosexuality was a natural defence mechanism against over-population.

Just a theory.
I finally decided that I had no choice but to inform our superiors. I asked our platoon sergeant how to get a couple of homosexuals out of the Army.
That's the point where I stopped respecting that writer's experience. It wasn't enough to just report the incident, or to actually confront it when it began like an adult, but instead he went off to get rid of 'em gays. And yeah, I highlighted that paragraph you pulled a little bit up the page - it's very telling of the writer's actual stance on homosexuality, no matter how much he wants us to believe he understands their plight.

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