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Re: Gay Veteran talks to Mitt Romney

Originally Posted by GlassBreaks View Post
The military is not a place where you run tests on social norms. It's far too serious for that.

I pretty much agree with everything this guy has to say, and I'm leaving this thread. Most of you are incapable of discussing the matter because you are (1) too politically correct, (2) extremely invasive of others views to the point where you incapable of having a discussion without throwing out blanket statements like "stupid" or "in the closet" or (3) likely have never served a single day in any type of combat branch, rendering your opinion on what should happen invalid.
(1) Being politically correct isn't a bad thing, despite what racists, sexists, homophobes, and otherwise prejudiced people might think. Being politically correct is basically analogous to "being considerate of others". It has problems, when people insist on being offended by very small things for no reason, but 99% of the time, it's a good thing.

(2) As opposed to being extremely intolerant of others' lifestyles to the point of discriminating against gay people on the basis that you feel a bit uncomfortable around them.

(3) You've never spent a day as a gay man, rendering your opinion on their "urges" invalid.

And as for that link, it starts off reading like an open-minded fellow had a bad experience in his barracks, but then it gets to this:

The real objective of those seeking to lift the ban is not the end of some perceived injustice but the normalization of homosexuality. This is entirely unacceptable. While a society can tolerate some deviancy on its fringes, it cannot accept it within its mainstream. Homosexuality represents a threat in that it creates an inappropriate sexual outlet that corrupts the natural relations between men and women. If increasing numbers of men and women opt out of child-bearing and child-rearing and choose "alternative" lifestyles instead, our society increasingly will be unable to renew and maintain itself and will ultimately founder. Those who choose the "traditional" lifestyle will find their task made more difficult by a disintegrating social structure.
Fuck enormously off. It's just homophobia and idiocy couched in an anecdote.

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