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Re: Greatest wrestler before Golden Age?

Uh hello? The Golden Age was the 1950-60's, so none of these guys.

The answer is Gotch or Hackenschmidt.

History Lesson, just a rough estimate.
1900-1950 Carnival era
1950-mid 1960s Golden era
1960s-1982 Territorial era
1982- Expansion era

If you are talking about in wrestling history pre 1982 then...

Lou Thesz is the only correct answer.

Anyone saying Bruno has a Northeast bias or is too young to actual have a historical perspective.

Fact is Bruno is barely top 20, seriously. I mean I like Bruno, I just understand, as someone alive at that time that he was not a great worker, nor was the WWF considered on the same level as the AWA or NWA at that time. They were still considered a territory for most of Bruno's run.

El Santo, Andre, Rogers, Race, etc... there are so many guys more deserving of that title than Bruno. I am afraid that the WWE revisionist history regime is really taking away any real historical accuracy from the way people born in the 80's or later think of "history".

Verne Gagne was so much "greater" than Bruno it's not even close. The AWA was light years more significant than the WWF title. But unless you grew up then it would be hard for you to know that fact. It's not your fault it is the fault of the WWF's propanganda machine.

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