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Re: Gay Veteran talks to Mitt Romney

I have a question for the former soldiers posting in this thread. The question has occurred to me as I'm from the UK and today there has been loads of news about Prince Harry being deployed as an Apache pilot in Afghanistan.

There's been lots of interviews with soldiers, vets, etc, who are all saying the same thing.

They are saying that it doesn't matter that he is a royal. Why? Because he has been through the same training as everybody else. he doesn't get special treatment. If he wants to be a soldier then he has to work his fucking arse off and prove he can cut it.

So my question is, if a gay man has what it takes to go through the training to become a marine (for example), exactly why is it a problem that he serves? This is a fucking tough bastard who made it through marine training, and you don't want him fighting beside you because he thinks Leonardo DiCaprio is fit?

I read one comment which suggested it is because gays can make others feel uncomfortable. Yeah? Well, black men can make white racists feel uncomfortable. Are you saying that if you were a racist then you wouldn't want that 6'5 brick shithouse of a black guy fighting beside you?

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