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Re: Gay Veteran talks to Mitt Romney

Originally Posted by Makaveli View Post
Just to confirm, you're AGINAST gay marriage correct? If so, why? Other than your belief of "marriage is solely between a man and a woman". Gay marriage doesn't affect you.
I am against gay marriage in the context of the original post where two male or female lovers would get the same benefits as a straight married couple.

That's textbook homophobia. Why is it uncomfortable? Because they're gay and might "try something" on you? I highly, HIGHLY doubt gays join the military to pick up guys.
It's not homophobia. That's a politically correct buzzword that you guys use to try and slander someone who disagrees with your point. No one here ever said gays join the military to pick up on guys. But if you've ever been in a desolate mountain area for months at a time in between your deployment leave, things get antsy and rough. You get urges. Gay guys will get urges just like straight ones and their choice is readily accessible.

They undergo the same stress everyone else does. It's about as much a dream to them as it is to you.
Exactly right. Read above.

Fact of the matter is if you've never served, you have no business dictating or expressing your opinion on what the military should or should not do. Most of you likely work your 9-5 office jobs and if you were in the military were likely quartermaster or administrative. It's different being on a large FOB with homosexuals and being at a COP with them.
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