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Re: Greatest wrestler before Golden Age?

Originally Posted by austin316 G.O.A.T View Post
I watched Ric when he came to WWE.
But how was I supposed to know he was a legend?He looked like a senile idiot who screamed a lot.
Wow! now looks determine a legacy of a superstar. Going by that, if you started watching WWE today, you would call Daniel Bryan an angry screaming midget

You hate me as much as Pyro hates Jeff Hardy.Don't know why.
i don't hate you

How am I supposed to know about wrestlers that wrestled twenty or thirty years before I was born?
I read articles and watch clips.Unlike a 70 year old man like you.
LOL! If you're not supposed to know about them, why do you pretend to know them?
And it is not like anyone stopped you from doing research by watching vids or reading legit text before posting here. And i um 21, but know much more about this business than you

Atleast when I speak about Austin,I show links and facts.
Not unlike you who keep writing essays without any proof
Another lie. I always show proofs and links. However, it is not my fault that you did not read certain biographies / autobiographies which i mention many times. And not my fault that you did not watch the videos / documentaries that i mention as my proofs

And I don't agree to a guy who says Rock>Hogan
i say Rock > Austin
Don't agree? It doesnt matter whether you agree or not!
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