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Re: TEW2013 Announced

You know when a worker die and you wanna hold a tribute show? well that's now a feature in TEW2013

#14: Tribute Shows I

A new section in the editor is "Tribute Shows". This allows mod makers to add special one-off events to the game world that are not attached to a specific company; this is useful for tribute shows, celebratory shows, or one-offs.

When creating one of these events, the following data can be manipulated: the name, who the shows is a tribute to (optional), a logo, a size, the number or year that follows the name, the date the show should be held, how many shows are to be run (for example, you could make it so that a tribute show only runs for a few years before being forgotten), plus options on what workers should be eligible.

#15: Tribute Shows II

Following on from the above, TEW2013 has the ability to create its own Tribute Shows to honour characters who die during the game; essentially creating its own entries into the Tribute Show file described above.

The way the show is created depends on the character in question; the more popular the character, the longer the shows will go on for and the bigger they will be. The size is important, as it affects who can take part: a particularly huge tribute show, reserved only for the most influential of characters, means that even workers under written deals elsewhere can receive permission to work the show.

Tribute shows also have a special extra feature, which is that they use the relationship file to bias toward bringing in the friends and family of the worker the show is a tribute to. This means that you will often see the son of a deceased worker working the main event of the show in their honour.
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