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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

JAM's Review

I wouldn't say it was a bad thing to start the show with the Divas Match but I actually kind of liked it. Here, you gave the hometown fans someone to cheer for in Beth Phoenix. And according to the match writing, it was a pretty good contest between the ladies because they were given ample time to show that they could actually go in that ring. You made Kelly look pretty good in the ring with Beth and it showed that the Divas Division actually had a future. I thought when you wrote that Natalya grabbed the title, she would turn on Beth which I thought would be pretty interesting. It was a good match and a decent opener to the pay-per-view.

Gotta say that this was a pretty good match as well but I noticed that you used the word “and” a lot which isn't necessarily a bad thing but you could change it up a little bit. The psychology of the match was good with Sin Cara showing flashes of a champion but Rhodes eventually getting the win. You chose the right route for this match to go down. Here, you established Sin Cara a little while letting Rhodes continue his reign. The segment with Regal was definitely one that I'm a fan of. Wouldn't mind a Regal/Rhodes feud, should be good!

I'm quite surprised you gave the belts to Santino and Kozlov but that's probably because McGillicutty and Otunga were really bad as champions but still, you could've developed them a little more. It was interesting to see that you had the referee get involved a little here, I hope you don't make them feud with Charles Robinson. But the win was good for Santino and Kozlov and I can't wait to see who you bring in for the tag team division. The Mysterio segment was pretty standard here, it was good that you brought up Rey's past with both Dolph and Vickie. And maybe a little tease to see who Awesome Truth goes after next? Not much to say on Punk here. Hoping this feud he has with Miz continues, it's quite good actually.

This has been the match of the night so far for me. Ziggler is just really good in the ring and you put him with someone like Mysterio, they'll have a fine match. It was nice to see how well the match flowed in this one. I almost thought that Mysterio would be winning the title but I forgot about McIntyre. I like McIntyre so this'll be a good push for him now that he has Ziggler and Vickie on his side. Interesting that you didn't use Swagger here as I think Swagger and Ziggler are a much better team but nonetheless, it was a good match. That powerbomb spot was epic and cringe-worthy for sure.

Another surprise here now that Mark Henry is your new WHC. I'm not against the the idea but maybe it was too soon to put the strap on him. A lot of interesting things you've done tonight and now Smackdown will likely change. I'm sure that the Henry/Sheamus feud will be the emphasis of Smackdown instead of the Orton/Barrett feud which I don't mind. Here, you can build Barrett more with Orton feuding with him and you build Henry and Sheamus are your show's center, I like the decision. The match was really good as well, hopefully though you find someone to fill the void instead of Khali. I think that maybe there would've been a little more of a celebration at the end there since it's Henry's first major title.

The whole No DQ thing has got me kind of confused in the match. There's a five count but there's no DQ? I'm confused on that one but anyway, the match was a good one. It was interesting to see that Bryan was actually the one who had trouble locking in a submission in the match. You did well in selling Christian's frustration there in the end. And I'm interested to see what Christian does next after losing to Bryan. Hopefully both guys are high up on the card since they're two of my favorites.

Main event advanced quite a lot of feuds you have going. Having Kevin Nash interrupt once more leads me to believe that this'll be the feud to get Punk over, finally. Which probably means he won't be in the title picture for a bit but that's fine. I think he needed more establishing before he was given the championship. The announce table spot was smart to keep Del Rio out for a bit and wasn't surprised to see Del Rio retain. Not a big fan of Del Rio but maybe you can finally make him a credible top heel that he fails to be in real life.

Was a great first pay-per-view for you man, congratulations. I hope you reach more pay-per-views to come since you really now have a grasp on this thread. Everything has been good on the card. WHC and US Title matches were the matches that I really liked. A lot of things that I could see that WWE should've done so I'm glad you're doing it, can't wait for the next show. Good job

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