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Re: Official WWE 13 Thread

Originally Posted by Ziggler Mark View Post
Universe was GOOD last year? I dont want to come off like a snarky asshole, but um....do you have low standards?

Injured guys interfering in feuds, the total randomness of feuds, no storylines to be followed, just a mime show of "OMG IM ATTACKING U, WE'RE FEUDING NOW". Pile that on top of the absolutely abysmal ability to "customize" a card, where you cant actually set a card from scratch if you desire. Then add in that guys on the free agent list would somehow snake their way into feuds, along with the absolute randomness to which feuds would occur (I literally had CM Punk start feuding with Triple H the show after they joined forces and were able to form a stable), and you've got just about the worst incarnation of a "GM Mode" in a wrestling game ever.

Let's not even get into the fact that if you want to change the MITB ladder match participants, the match loses it's MITB tag, and becomes a ladder match for a suitcase.
I have to agree with this. Universe in WWE 12 was a damn mess. I mean it was better than the one in SDVR 11 but it was still not great. The fact we couldnt make a set card before a show was dumb most weeks id have the same card on every show at one time I had Mark Henry vs Wade Barrett on Smackdown for a full month. Also the title feuds are really weird HHH was the raw champ and his Raw feuds consisted of Heath Slater and Jack Swagger. It just needs a lot of work which is doubtful for this year it seems THQ based most of its work on the Attitude Era mode. I just hope they have added the ability to edit full cards before a show and that we can track feuds somehow if we can do that it would make the mode a lot less of a mess. Honestly the mode is a great idea in theory you have a never ending WWE at you hands to use but it never keeps track of what has been done in the mode and most times you just get repeat feuds over and over. Judging from the leak Achievement list it looks like THQ may have added some nice features this year to make this Universe Mode a lot better than WWE 12.

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