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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Since RAW 1000 it's pretty obvious that they're going to do it and I have no idea why after they already gave the ultimate payoff at WM28. Nobody is paying to see Cena gets his win/"revenge", and Rock is probably winning the belt at Royal Rumble so you don't even have the attraction of Rock winning the title after a decade. This is seriously the most pointless and wasted WM of all time if it happens. They already had a great and memorable match, they already drew record business, already did huge promotion, personal rivalry that people will never forget, big mainstream buzz and even a DVD on their feud, where's the need for a rematch? Instead of doing the huge Rock/Brock main event with Taker/Cena, two fresh matches that fans want to see for years, they're doing the same matches with the most predictable outcome of all time.

Taker/Brock is fresh and interesting but when Rock/Cena is also on the card, it's the most predictable double main event of all time. But not even that, they want to do Lesnar/HHH 2, only god knows why, don't get me wrong, I loved the match but nothing about this was blockbuster, not the match, not the crowd investment, not the business and not the program. In fact, the response for the storyline was negative and they did the HHH promo so the crowd will give him the "retirement sympathy" cheers in another retirement segment that nobody buys. The only thing that can save it is Rock forcing Vince to do Rock/Lesnar after all. It's WM in the New York market, which means record breaking potential in every aspect, but for some reason they want to ruin it.

If it wasn't a ridiculous company like WWE you would think that they're trying to sabotage what can be their biggest money show of all time.

What they want:
Rock/Cena 2(People already got what they want)
Lesnar/HHH 2(Nobody cares period)

What needs to happen:
Rock/Brock(Awesome interaction with the potential to be the biggest money match of all time)
Taker/Cena(Streak match that people want to see for years)

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