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Re: Dean Ambrose Pre-Debut Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by TD Stinger View Post
OK, I agree that they could have debuted him after Wrestlemania. In fact, he would have debuted by now if his feud w/ Foley hadn't fallen through. But it did fall through and that forced WWE to change their plans. And, it fell apart at the worse possible time. It fell apart during the build up to Raw 1000 and Summerslam. WWE had much bigger plans to worry about than Ambrose.

You keep saying WWE should have debuted him weeks ago. Again, if he had debuted on Raw 1000, he would have been overshadowed by all the returning legends like Taker and Rock. And and keep harping on Raw 1001 too. Why would that have been a good place to debut him? B/c it was in his hometown? Makes no sense. There was no story in place for him. Why debut him just for the hell of it. Yeah, he would have gotten a good reaction. But he's a heel. So, WWE wouldn't want him to get a face reaction in his debut.

Yeah, the hype from a few hundred or thousand fans has died. But there are still millions of WWE fans who have no idea who he is. Those are the fans WWE is worrying about, not the internet fans who will be happy no matter what when he debuts.

No. And I hope he doesn't. I'm obviously a huge Ambrose fan, but I don't want to see him or anybody pushed to fast. Plus I don't to see Ambrose as apart of a stable. His character just screams psycho loner.


As for the "We Want Ambrose" sign, my guess is one of the guys who run WWE.com put the picture up, the WWE officials saw it, and took it down. This could mean something for his debut, but I doubt it.
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