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re: Official Puro Match/DVD Discussion Thread (NO SPOILERS)

Originally Posted by bigbuxxx View Post
Funaki really beat Akiyama in < 5 mins? lol. my guess is Akiyama is injured more than they are building killer Funaki.
For a short match it was still entertaining, though.

I'm going to straight up quote from another board, considering I think it's said so truthfully:
I think you're all missing the point to Akiyama's short matches (this, the Ogawa match and countless others). Akiyama likes to work finishers into the early stages of his matches. If you don't occasionally have them effective, they will forever be heatless. Wait until you see a rematch or another high profile Akiyama match. A couple of big bombs will be thrown early on and THIS match will position those moments to succeed in making the crowd lose their shit. It's long-term booking, and crucial to maintaining the heat in Akiyama's preferred match layout. Want to know why KENTA's busaiku knee kick gets no heat? It hasn't been effective since 1837. Akiyama losing means that any finishers he takes within 5 mins for the next year will get heat that they otherwise wouldn't.
Originally Posted by Seabs View Post
If they were putting it back on Suwama then I'm pretty sure they would have just had Suwama win it back from Akiyama after their first match. Obviously I'd rather him have the belt right now because it means more big Suwama matches but he's having big matches without it I guess. At least 2 of Suwama/Shiozaki, Suwama/Okada and Suwama/Nakamura NEED to happen by the end of the year.
Didn't Suwama have his chance at the Champions Cup in May? Akiyama versed Suwama, that much I positively know, but was it for the triple crown? Or is this the match you mean? If so there isn't means for Suwama to go over here, especially with reports pre-video release stating that Funaki didn't simply fluke a win from the champ.

My guess is either Funaki retains strongly for a good long reign (most likely) or Suwama goes over Funaki positioning Akiyama to bring up the fact he beat him in May and set up a rematch (highly unlikely and horrendously illogical booking). Rematches don't just fall from Japan, either. I have a feeling this is going to be Funaki's year (well, quarter year) at very least.

Completely agreed on wanting Suwama/Okada, though. Fap material right there.

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