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Originally Posted by Commodus View Post
I'm sensing a lot of negativity here, my man. So let me tell you something that may surprise you. Everything I wrote was spelled correctly, I don't know what crazy language you are accustomed to, but I assure you that I am perfectly capable of basic spelling. You however are merely trying to provoke me into a confrontation which will doubtlessly end in your eventual humiliation.
Do you honestly believe that in a million years you could step up to me and contend with myself in a battle of wits. Just look at how I have cowed the entire forum with one simple topic. They fear me because I have shined a glimmering light of shining glimmers on their shadows of dark inequity. I am an educated man who knows exactly how to pry into the minds of lesser men, men such as yourself, and pick apart your thought process. if I chose to, I could convince you to rape a marmoset. I will not, but I want you to understand that i could do so if I had the inclination. You simply do not possess the cranial capacity to understand either my genius or my infinite forgiveness and compassion. There once was a fellow who you and your crude cohorts similarly maltreated. His name was Jesus Christ, and as a committed Christian I tell you now that he was a nobody and a peon compared to myself. He had to die to rise again, whereas I rise every day. And I rise more and more with every word of hate and spite you level against me. Why? Because your hatred turns me on. I am your master, I am the master of everything that walks along this filthy earth and you will never dictate to me the intricacies of the English language. I am the mast of the English language and use it daily to improve the lives of you, the little people. Really, it's quite charming how you continuously bite the hand that feeds you, but what else can we expect? What else can anyone expect from such base creatures. You know only ingratitude and scurvy, whereas I am pure in both body and mind. I am your better, your superior, the alpha and omega, I am God and I will not be mocked by you because I embrace your mockery as another portent of my imminent Godhood.
Ok what? Me cowering in fear? You are the one who will not fight back and ran away from me! No one is afraid of you.

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