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Re: Wii U Details Leaked, Date As Well Price And Bundles Revealed?

Originally Posted by Stinger Fan View Post
You should never expect people to buy your product. Witholding vital information until it releases its a terrible idea. You don't go"oh btw our new console releases tomorrow go out and buy it!" it doesn't work. They should have had a price, release date and game release at E3 or even gamescom. You didn't know a handheld device had a power supply? I smell bullshit on your part. Everyone knows about the wii u? Not really , thats a big statement to make but I'm inclined to believe people who are in the industry over you when it comes to it. People don't quite know what it is because they've been vague about it to the general public who aren't hardcore gamers or scour the internet for info on their console. I never once said nobody knows, nor am I acting like it so quit lying to yourself .

What else would I have them do? I already said what they should do, they suck at advertising thats a fact. They should have already pin pointed a release date since its coming out within 3 months! A price , and a game why are they being so secretive? Don't give me this"oh they are building suspense" thats not how you build suspense. My guess is that its goign to be over priced and are waiting at the last possible minuet to release such information
I said I didn't know it DIDN'T COME with a power supply. As in I had to buy one seperate. Me saying everybody knows about the Wii U isn't much worse than you saying 'people' don't know what it is. It's not like I literally meant everyone in the planet. You're generalising as much as I am except apparently you speak 'facts'.

They suck at advertising? Yeah that must be why the Wii and DS sold so badly. I mean I never ever saw any Wii adverts on the TV. They already hinted from the off that the Wii U would be expensive, as expensive as the PS3 was at launch anyway (not sure how much the 360 cost). I have no idea why them showing the price is so important to you seeing as it's pretty obvious (and I've definitely heard them quote a price a few times in articles) its going to be around the 300 mark. It's only the start of September. They have plenty of time to shove the Wii U down our throats. You just seem determined it's going to fail from the start.
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