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Re: Impress Me

Originally Posted by Commodus View Post
By all means, sweetheart.
Insult me. I dare you to insult me.
Ok where do I begin. You once posted that Kofi Kingston should have a feud with the Undertaker and end the streak. How did you suggest setting up this feud? By having Kofi taking McCool's unborn dead baby and feeding it to the Undertaker and his wife? And you have the balls to call us stupid.

Or how about the fact that when I red repped you instead of being a man and red repping me back or posting it in here you spent a thread that was related to Barrett crying about me red repping you. So this proves that you are also a little child who cannot take when someone disagrees with him.

I think that deep down you are just someone who wants to be liked. I mean look at the title of this shit rant! Impress me? You are just looking for attention. You just want people to notice you and you are not genuine. You talk about us making fun of bad blood but I think you are only using that because you think it will be an easy thing to use to troll people. I think that actually proves you are horrible human being. AT least people like Evo and Striker feel that the insults were out of order whereas you are just trying to use it for attention.

Also you talk about degrading women and how we rate women yet you watch a tv show where they have done in numerous times in the past which also proves you are a hypocritical loser on top of this.

You say we don't deserve to live because of what we posted on an internet forum? So also go around saying people should die yet claim the moral high ground? Wow you really are better then us. Oh and because you are too stupid to work out what sarcasm is that was me being sarcastic.

You wanted to know in less then 50 words why we deserve to live well I can it in 5 words you Damien Sandow wannabe:



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