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Originally Posted by CMWit View Post
Not a one? Okay then this proves that you are in fact a troll as there were plenty of actual respones but you choose to ignore them, good to know that I should avoid your futher posts as you claim to be above us but yet you are just like most of us
None of you are on my level so I will not acknowledge anything you say. And by the way, including your own posts in a list of 'intelligent responses' is incredibly egotistical.
But then I don't expect modesty from your kind. Why should I? You have proven your own immaturity by continuing to label me as a 'troll' even though all evidence points to the contrary.

So, let me run this by you and see if I have it right.
Bullying a mentally ill kid, making sigs with his face in them, ridiculing his appearance and calling him a 'piece of shit' is perfectly fine?
But the man calling attention to this shameful maltreatment is a 'troll'.

Pathetic, you are utterly pathetic. And the funny thing is that you can't even see it. You have no sense of responsibility and no notion as to the responsibility that accompanies free speech.

Originally Posted by CHAMPviaDQ View Post
Questions, OP: How can you justify being an intellectual when you're leading a blatantly futile crusade against internet miscreants? Do you seek to be a martyr? Also, what does one attain by impressing you? A Premium 1 Year membership for the Illuminati? Did you kill 2 Pac?

I expect you'll show some class and civility and answer my questions accordingly.
I consider myself an intellectual because I am dealing with a forum that is rife with misogyny, hatred and stupidity.
Again, I refer you to people labeling me a 'troll'. I want some proof of this, I want even the slightest bit of proof that proves this.
And it's not futile, it really isn't. Because, as I've demonstrated, people here are terrified of me. Why else would they say 'ignore him'. Why? Because I have exposed their tissue of lies and deceit.
I don't need to be impressed, I simply want you people to stop the insults and act like human beings, I think by now you know what I'm referring to so I'll leave it at that.
And no, sir. I did not kill Tupac Shakur. During the 1990's I was rather a fan of his music, however. Until his blatant racism began to alienate me.

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