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Re: Impress Me

Originally Posted by Mozza View Post
The kid you're talking about is a fully grown 28 year old man.
Originally Posted by CMWit View Post
You may not want to group every member of the forum in your assumptions, I for one have no idea to what you are reffering, was there a particular thread in which this happened? Also not all of us rate women, make fun of disabled kids, so for you to state you are better than everyone really makes you no better than anyone else? Your broad sweeping generalization of every forum member would I am sure encompass those who you are trying to defend so you just joined that same group you rail against. Your message was solid, your aproach not so much, but hey thanks for grouping everyone together, taht always works out well...
Originally Posted by R.K.O Peep View Post
Listen op of you hate people degrading women so much why do you watch Wwe?
Originally Posted by CMWit View Post
Moral high ground does not allow for judgement to be made on those you look down upon as it lacks morality to do so
Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
You want demonstrate how much better and wiser you are? The best way for you to demonstrate it is to leave this forum and post in a forum with people like you where everybody is nice and where you can be banned by just saying the word "damn". This forum is not the only place.
During my journey to find the perfect forum I found myself indeed in these forums where I got the feeling that only idiots are registered there.
And you know how I proved that I am better than those people? By not visiting these forums anymore.
With your bitching you just prove that you are a very bitter person who hates this place but stays on this forum because he has no where else to go
Originally Posted by Commodus View Post
What intelligent responses? People have posted pictures of ponies, they've wished death on me, they've bleated on and on about a wine-sodden comedian, but there has been no consistent rebuttal of my statements, no 'intelligent responses'. None, not a one.

Oh, unless you count using the word 'troll' to describe someone with a divergent opinion. Because that never gets old, does it? And, of course, it instantly ends any argument whatsoever, right?

God, the lack of maturity from you people is staggering. In the real word, saying '/thread' isn't sufficient to end a debate. Saying 'he's a troll' doesn't erase the truth. You all seem to be living in a fantasy world and until you confront me like men, acknowledge that I am serious and act accordingly, I won't let this drop.

So let's hear your intelligent responses, if you have them. Let's hear your myriad of excuses and shallow justifications! Let's hear some more death threats! Let's hear some more penis jokes! Let's see some more offensive sigs! Yay for misogyny! Yay for bigotry! Yay for bullying!

Yeah, I am the fucking bad guy, aren't I? I am in the wrong. Ha. Ha. Ha.
Not a one? Okay then this proves that you are in fact a troll as there were plenty of actual respones but you choose to ignore them, good to know that I should avoid your futher posts as you claim to be above us but yet you are just like most of us

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