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Re: Impress Me

Originally Posted by Commodus View Post
Really? Well, let's do a little test, shall we? If this "George Carlin" you speak of is so powerful, let him strike me down where I stand!

No? Nothing?
Hmm, that's odd. Looks like your cardboard Messiah isn't strong enough to shut me up. So let me lay this out, he was a drunk, he was a disingenuous charlatan who spread lies and disunity to make a quick buck. And he's your hero? He's your role model?

My friend, you should follow someone who can actually still contribute something to the world, someone who is honest and brave and intelligent. I can be your role model, I can be your God and unlike Mr. Carlin I will never let you down.
Unfortunately, you don't have it within yourself to be humble and acknowledge that you need help. You will continue down the path of sexism, elitism and bigotry, completely oblivious to the problems that have made you into such a ridiculous little person.

You can't acknowledge anything good, so nothing good will happen to you. Don't bother arguing, my logic is infallible and you're just a paper plane struggling against a tornado.
Give me a list of your achievements oh great one. And acting out your pseudo-intellectual fantasy's on a wrestling forum don't count.

You are nothing and will always be nothing. To even compare yourself to someone like Carlin is just embarrassing.

You are insignificant. You are the epitome of mediocrity. Your parents must be ashamed and to be brutally honest, I don't blame them.

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