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Re: To the fucking "John Cenas" in this forum section. GTFO

Originally Posted by Evolution View Post
I'm glad you made it painfully obvious to everyone in the thread how fucking stupid you actually are. It can be summed up perfectly in this post. You are completely missing the point of what I'm saying. I am pointed out how fucking stupid that was considering the moronic and immature way that you all decided to insult him. You had literally NOTHING on him. He doesn't troll, he doesn't post stupid opinions, he's just a passive guy with some youtube videos in his sig (something that a lot of other users do) and because he ignored the terrible attempt of a rant on him, you all resorted to talking about his looks and other stupid shit. Yet you wonder why people decided to defend him? Yet you made this thread to criticise these people?

You do understand that you are a perfect example of "not getting Rants" (which is ironically the topic of your thread). You can't hack the fact that people didn't agree with you or weren't on the side you were in that Rant, and now when you try to make a name for yourself by calling those people out you can't handle the fact that a bunch of other members have decided to call YOU out for YOUR stupidity? Fucking LOL.

It has nothing to do with you being an 11'er, it has everything to do with you being a waste of oxygen.

Let me know if I've lost you in this explanation so that I can take even more time breaking it down for you to understand.
I feel repetitive. But I guess I'll say it again. It has been done before. Alot of times. Alot worse. To other people. Again, ALOT worse.

Why the sudden breakdown over 3 weak insults? Everyone's acting like I tortured and killed a child infront of a church. I guess alot of people need to take a little more seriously the definition of "joking around".

If shit like this happened in real life everytime I got called stuff about my looks, holy shit, I would have killed myself long ago.

It's not like I told him stuff like "You're fucking ugly, you have no friends, stupid nerd, get a girlfriend, oh wait you can't, just kill yourself", which by the way, I've seen here not long ago.

Hell one of those happened not even 2 days ago. 'Someone' called Anderson a "nerd with no friends and life" over his twitter picture, yet absolutely nothing was said to him. I wonder why, might I ask?

Don't fucking come at me acting like nothing happened, when I'm sure part of you knows this is true.

Everything you do in life echoes throughout eternity. ★

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