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Re: To the fucking "John Cenas" in this forum section. GTFO

Originally Posted by Skyfall View Post
You're tired of side taking? Stiker joined after you, and Evolution (that legenday motherfucker) joined his side. RevolverSnake, joined the same month you joined and everyone sided with him to rip in BadBlood. I don't give a fuck if you make fun of someone who is ugly, but you didn't fucking do any of it.

You weren't even there until after he made his thread. Then you saw the winning side, hoped on, and have sucking your own dick since by making your own thread against him.

Your burying yourself worst than anyone in this thread.

Oh now I "didn't do any of it"? First you, and a whole bunch of users claim I was one of the main reasons that thread "died", because he got mocked by his looks, now I didn't do anything?

Make up your mind

And like I said, if you actually read carefully, it's not only the join date that matters. It's just like the fanaticism of wrestlers, if it's someone you like, he's amazing, talented, yadda yadda yadda. But if it's someone you dislike, or are not familiar with, even if he does the same exact fucking things the guy you like does, he's pathetic and worthless. I thought IWC kept this logic just in the Wrestling-related stuff, but I see it's not the case.

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