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Re: To the fucking "John Cenas" in this forum section. GTFO

Originally Posted by NoyK View Post

Yeah, those little shits who run arround all 'white-knight'-like, claiming that we shouldn't insult people on a forum called Rants.

Guess what geniuses, it's what this section is for. To insult, rage, complain, flame, and all that fuckery. You never ever see me post in any other section, what I post here.
Feel free to do the same to me if you wish.

If you can't handle it, get the fuck out of this section, go watch some episodes of Powerpuff Girls, and don't come back until your voice stops cracking up and the acne on your face goes away.

In short, piss off.

Who the fuck do you think you are? Do you think that you're some kind of high and mighty poster who people respect and listen to and that what YOU think is entertaining (i.e making fun of someones appearance on an internet forum) somehow makes you a good poster or someone to be admired? You're a piece of shit for trying to talk trash about the people who were defending a guy who did nothing to harm anyone.

Bad Blood wasn't trying to be Cena he was dealing with a bunch of shit-head bullies who decided to pick on him for stupid as fuck reasoning the best way possible. You want to pick on someone? Pick on me. I invite you to try.

You all bitch and complain about "the rants kliq" and whinge about how we put all you chumps down but we don't put it on people who don't deserve it.

Every single one of you who were putting shit on him, come and put shit on me and I'll fucking bury all of you. You all disgust me.
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