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Re: Wii U Details Leaked, Date As Well Price And Bundles Revealed?

Originally Posted by Skyfall View Post
Nintendo has pounded into our faces the new system for a while now. Plus, they keep mentioning how it will be competitive against Playstation and Xbox; so no more multi-platform games (really only on 360 and PS3). Many new games are being shown being played specifically only on Wii U. I personally didn't pay much attention to E3 and don't read a lot of gaming news (other than Game informer occasionally) but I still have heard a lot about it.

Maybe you're just dumb.
Nintendo did not pound it into anyones face. Just because YOU know it doesn't mean the masses do. Tell me, if they are giving info away

When does it come out?How much does it cost?Is the pro controller separate?Does it come with any games?No they haven't given ANTHING away and it comes out within 2 months yet NO real info has come out. Fact is, you're into nintendo I'm guessing so ya you know a little more but the fact is, most people have no clue what it is and even some think its jsut some add on to the wii. I'm not dumb, just realistic so stop with your childish crap trying to bash people.

You also make no sense, first you say Nintendo pounds it into your face then you say you hardly read up on it..what one is it? Can't be both just to support your argument

Fact is, its an underwhelming piece of technology that doesn't live up to the 360 or ps3. It may have newer specs but hardly does that make it better.Just compare ps3 version of batman to wii u version which one looks better?But I guess that doesn't count
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