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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Vordell Walker vs 2 Cold Scorpio, (PWE 1/28/12)

Very good match, though this would probably be a top 15-20 match rather than an outright MOTYC. Matwork to begin wasn't Navarro/Solar esque but served its purpose and accentuated nicely to Walker losing his cool and attacking Scorpio when he finally came on top in an exchange. Scorpio countering a headstand by Walker into some Haas of Pain esque hold was incredibly nifty though. Scorpio sells well and eats a decent beating thereafter, but its really everything after Scorpio's wonderful punch combo comeback where the match really shifts into another gear. Everything Scorpio does has this Tenryu esque execution which looks deadly, especially this pele/enziguri kick which Walker sells like it crippled his upper body. Thought both men's strikes were appropriately stiff as the match progressed and things broke down a little, Walker's dazed/feeble crawl selling of Scorpio's strikes was especially unique and impressive. Couple of strong nearfalls which I bought as the finish, though if I could complain it would be that Scorpio's offence looked really excellent in comparison to Walker's and I think Walker could have done with some more nearfalls insteaf of what came off as a mini upset by the end.

Dean Allmark & Finlay vs Robbie Dynamite & Rampage Brown, (ASW 6/7/12)

Maybe one of the most purely fun matches of the year, but also a damn good match to boot and another feather in Finlay's cap of strong matches since his Indy return. Pure STF match with a really fun opening with Allmark and Finlay looking unbeatable and some fun comedy spots from the heels, particularly with the crowd getting on their backs and taunting their every bump. Transition spot was really super with Allmark getting caught in the moment and taking a nasty gut-buster out of a vertical suplex. Next few minutes are pure FIP with Allmark getting double teamed behind the ref's back and Finlay being taunted with the heels dragging Allmark close to the corner and baiting the hot tag. Finlay's a super apron worker throughout and emulates Steamboat by almost falling into the ring he's leaning out for the tag that much. Awesome sleeper spot where Allmark threatens to make the tag only to be caught in a sleeper takedown, looked really crisp and was timed to perfection. Hot tag has Finlay clearing house and looking damn near invincible, finish is a fine 'send the crowd home happy' moment with Finlay tagging Allmark in to hit a moonsault for the win.

Derrick King vs Frankie Tucker Last Man Standing, (5/25/12)

Really great LMS match, without the pitfalls of recent WWE style LMS's with all the stoppages in between counts and over reliance on weapons instead of out and out brawling. Pretty much every moment of offence here is a ridiculously stiff punch, with both men clearly having learnt from the Dundee's and Lawler's of the Memphis era. King using a fan's boot and a lady's walking stick as weapons is the sort of cartoony shit I really dig in these run down, back alley indy feds and I loved their use of the surrounding to brawl and beat the piss out of each other. Finish was truly excellent with King hitting a desperation superkick, and with both men down Tucker's right hand man drops underneath the apron and holds King's legs down to stop him answering the count. There were some really unique and well layed out spots here, and I loved Tucker resorting to choking King with a chain to try and force a victory. Just a straight out and out fight that resembled a less chaotic version of Jacobs/Whitmer from FYF.
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