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Election Discussion Thread

First off, I am a democrat,and I'd appreciate it if anyone who posts in this thread doesn't humiliate or insult others for their views (so this can keep this from rants).

points I really liked in it:
+ Mrs. Obama brought up her and Barack's hard working parents to give him a good strong background
+ Mrs. Obama really hit it home that she is a great American wife who truly loves her husband
+ (though I can't verify theses...)the statistics, or rather achievements, she brings up worked to perfection with the rest of the speech.
+ at about 11 minutes in she really gets into, the meat of the speech and how hard of a worker Obama is.
+ the general language and words she used were not complicated or out of reach for any American; there were still complicated [I guess big] words, but nothing should be flying over anyone's' heads and their value was easily understood.

Please watch the speech; it really hits home at their message (I personally think) of Obama being a hard working family man. I will say, imposingly, that though he is a hard worker, he may not be the best man for the job.

I really like Michelle

Some Ground Rules:
+There will be some huge disagreements. This isn't in Rants because we're all going to be respectful.
+ if you post a video, explain why. Don't just post it.
+ There are people here who don't like gay people, don't argue about it. Argue about the politican's views on the matter.
+ as above point, keep topic on the 2012 US election. Personal opinions are fine, but we should not have 5 pages of a person being harassed for voting a particular person.

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