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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Oh I don't doubt I'll really adore Callihan/Finlay, but I do have to question if it could grip me as much as the top matches I've seen this year. You seen Tajiri/Finlay from SMASH Joe? Superbly worked title match built around Finlay selling Tajiri's kicks as well as anyone I've seen and trying to create distance between them and ground him. Tajiri's really good as the hometown babyface trying to win the title in the company's final show, and his comeback is superb with the continuous teases that his strikes have Finlay's number, and the question that slowly dominates the match is whether Tajiri's kicks can win him the match before Finlay finds a counter.

Lesnar/Cena for me is all about Cena's babyface performance and Lesnar's incredible beating. I don't doubt the initial live viewing can explain why it stuck with me, given it was unlike anything WWE has ever put out in a grudge feud, and honestly came off like a BattlARTS/Hashimoto vs Tenryu hybrid of real violence. I loved all the teases to Cena's comeback, thought he bumped and sold his ass off and teased his big spots and timed them to perfection (Deadweight slam out of the Kimura is one of the best spots I've seen this year) and thought Lesnar complimented him superbly as the fearsome monster who took some scary bumps and also had some killer facial expressions, particularly after the Backlund deadweight spot and the Steel Chain shot which had Lesnar conveying this brilliant shocked emotion at being momentarily stunned and having little to answer on how Cena hadn't been killed yet.

Okada/Naito was a good match, though it just didn't scream MOTYC to me. As I said that's more to do with the Puro Main Event title formula just not really doing much for me these days, though this was a far better title match formula to me than anything I've seen for a good few years in Puro. I'm just far more conditioned to loving FUTEN and the occasional Takayama slugfest these days, than an admittedly good title match. Okada definitely comes across as someone I'll keep my eye on, but as I said, he's more one of the better guys of a style that right now doesn't grab me, than someone I'm compelled to check out the minute I hear another match of his has made air (e.g Ishikawa).
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