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Re: "You are the WHC and that makes you second at best"

Okay now listen. Punk is absolutly right. The so called "WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP" is just the ex "WCW Heavyweight championship" while the WWE title is held by many wwf legends and got longer history. I don't say that the WCW was not held by some of the greatest, but seriously - David Arguette? Vince Russo? And is a survived title from an other organization And this is the WWE TITLE not THE FORMER WCW TITLE, the WHC was the main title from 2002-2005 since they put Batista in smackdown the WHC become the 2nd main title.

So, Punk is right he is over as hell now, because of the shoot promo and the time he spend with WWE. Punk is 2nd credible wrestler now(#WEWANTHENRYWSM)and Sheamus pretends to be 2nd because he is "unbeatable" but he needs a lot of years and cool feuds to be taken seriously by the grown people .. Cena needs to fall to Punk to end the question about Punk and END their 2 year RIVAL, than Punk can reveal the new WWE title a COMPLETE diffrent title than ->CENA<-'S DESIGN OF THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP i mean since 2005 Cena is in the main event for the WWE title and even when sometimes he wasn't in the title picture the design was from Cena. AT NOC Punk defeats John Cena and sends him to "OVERCOME" odds in the upper-midcard and set a new era, because i wanna see how someday WWE will cut all limits from Ziggler, Rhodes, Barrett, Sheamus, Del rio an the other new comers that deserve a chance and let him steal the show even if it is PG. Remember you can be in a match and do your own taunt or do something on your own you will get heat backstage because of the fools that are ruining this company. Triple H knows best, but it is hard from a wrestler to care about so much millions of dollars and etc. maybe Stephanie understands from buisness but HHH must not let her to do MAIN THINGS.

Nevermind. WWE TITLE > WHC TITLE since 2005. period
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