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Re: "You are the WHC and that makes you second at best"

Originally Posted by Nostalgia View Post
Everyone gave credit to, and enjoyed Punk around his shoot time. It was a awesome promo followed by a great storyline that WWE ruined when Triple H had to ruin Punk's momentum by beating him at Night of Champions. Yes you praise Punk for some matches, like his OTL won, but who didn't? That was a classic. On the other hand, you're the only guy who gave his MITB match with Bryan a *1/2 rating. Compared with everyone else's ratings and opinions on that match, that was a ridiculous rating, but that's your opinion I guess. Your name came to mind when I wrote that post because in the last few months I haven't see you say any positive things about Punk. You say if he does something good, you'll give him credit? I think Punk's recent heel turn, with how it's been built well and slowly transforming every week has been good viewing. I'm not even that big of a Punk fan, but I've enjoyed it. He's always worked better as a heel, it's comes across as more natural, and him getting the best of Cena has been good, maybe not for you being that you're a Cena fan, but I'm aware that you really dislike Cena's stale character as well, so I thought you might of liked some of what's happened in the last month or so.
I already explained why I hated the MITB match with Bryan, though. It was an example of Punk being Superman. Unless you're gonna lose, don't take a LeBell Lock with a KENDO STICK and escape it after one minute of being in it using your own power. That's completely no-selling a move that's supposed to be so painful that you have to tap out to it very fast. And yes, I am aware I have been extra negative in the last few months but I just have been annoyed by the shittiness of the show ever since Extreme Rules ended and the only hope was the end of Raw 1000. Punk was given the ball to run with from there on and I was disappointed because I simply do not care about what he has to say at this point. He already explored the shoot stuff that can get me interested, now I have no interest in hearing him whine about not being given respect. And I thought Punk was one of your top 3 guys along with Ziggler and Christian? (or somebody else in Christian's spot)

And the last full show I watched was Raw 1000. I've only picked out a few stuff to check out on YouTube and otherwise, I've only read results. What I've got out of it is that Punk has become a whiny heel that demands respect. How interesting. And there's only so much Heyman can do to help an uninteresting character. With a stale Cena and a boring Punk being the centerpiece of the show, I think I'm completely out for now until a veteran comes to the rescue in the upcoming months.
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