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If Cody Rhodes were WHC......

Recently the wrestling world is on a bit of a buzz with comments made by WWE Champion CM Punk in regards to the World Heavyweight Championship making the title holder second best, at best. Granted Raw is the more publicized, and hyped of the two shows that the WWE airs weekly here in the States. Smackdown is the competitor show, and some have called it the "B". Which as a fan I completely understand, and I know that this is what by in large most fans believe. However, I'm on the outside once again shaking my head.

Smackdown isn't the "B" show to me, it's simply the other show that isn't aired live televised weekly. At times I find myself watching more of Smackdown than Raw. I don't waste time wondering which one is the better show week in, and week out. Wrestling in general, especially in the WWE has been lacking a whole lot creatively, and is more of a reason why I watch more of NXT than either of the two shows. It's so bad on a larger scale that I have reduced myself to watching studio wrestling. lol.

In any case back to my original point here. If Cody Rhodes were champion right now instead of Sheamus, would Rhodes have done a better job at explaining the history behind the title? I ask this because when Cody isn't overacting, and actually talking about wrestling his true mic work comes out. We all know how Punk likes to cross the lines of kayfabe, but would he be prepared to go to battle over wrestling knowledge with Cody Rhodes? Now, you're probably laughing due to the fact that I actually questioned whether, or not Punk can hang with Rhodes. That makes sense, but this isn't just a mic battle, but a battle wrestling "wits" between two men who from what I understand have a very strong understanding of professional wrestling related things, like titles.

I mention Cody Rhodes because when he held the Intercontinental title I felt as though he made that title relevant again. There was a promo he cut a year, or less ago about the IC title history. After that promo I realized that Rhodes knew his wrestling, and he knew best how to get that point across. The best part was that he was "heel" during that time, but did something most "face" stars do, and that's put over a title. Say what you want about the level of credibility that Cody gave the Intercontinental Title, but I happen believe that he restored it's name for that time he held it.

Yes, that WHC isn't the same one Ric Flair debuted it on Valentines Day of 1986, but that doesn't mean that title isn't a famous "wrestling" title. It's synonymous with wrestling, and I think it holds more credibility than the WWE title. Again I realize that it's not the original Ric Flair NWA title. Based on just looks, and casuals longtime fans that title has prestige whether Punk wants to admit this, or not. The "Big Gold Belt" as they call it has plenty of history that I think Cody Rhodes would have blasted Punk for disrespecting it live on Raw. Cody seems like the perfect character that would have been able to justify the credibility of the "Big Gold Belt" with just as much conviction as Punk talking trash on the title.

Enter in a returning Ric Flair, and now you have a real story going. Let us not forget about the apparent Punk/Heyman alliance as well. Heyman, Punk, Flair, and Rhodes are all solid on the mic. Obviously, I would say Cody still has some time before he is in the league of the other 3 men, but he can hold his own. It's really the lisp, and the overacting that lessens his credibility on the mic. When he isn't overacting then it's just the tiny lisp that he has, which I can easily tune out, but both are just no good for him. However, with a "Nature Boy" alongside him, Cody could easily become more appealing live on Raw.

Say what you want about Flair, but he still gets "it". Wrestlers as talented as Cody know how to feed off of talent. When a team is winning the feeling can become contagious, and everyone plays on a greater level than they may have before. Others do nothing from a big time scenario, but I just can't see Cody live on Raw failing with Flair. The fact that a Rhodes is with a Flair, and it's not in a cage match is exciting. That alone is history, and it's more history than what Punk, and Heyman are worth. Heyman makes sense as well because he goes back to, and he remembers how Flair wouldn't put over talent, and he remembers the backstage politics of Cody Rhodes' father Dusty, or Stardust, or whatever the hell his name is. Paul has that type of nature that he would bring that sort of nasty out.

These four men if given the chance I think could really entertain the fans. Cody the new "Nature Boy"? I could fall for it only because Cody had that "Dashing" gimmick stick for some time, and for me those two characters have similarities. Just the mic work alone, and the emotion from Flair/Heyman would be amazing to see. I also think Punk vs Rhodes would be awesome because it's something we haven't had. I don't know that these two have ever had a sanctioned title match.
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