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Re: The Ryback haters are so thick headed.

Originally Posted by NoyK View Post
50% of the users that posted here missed the entire point. And the tittle sums it up, but I guess I'll have to explain it so you can understand.

I never said you must like him because he's over. The whole point of the thread, is that his 'haters', or whatever you wanna call it, are thick headed as fuck.
Everyone likes and dislike whoever they want, but posting biased opinions and made-up bullshit is another story.

For example, I am Christian "hater". Yes, red rep me all you want. He just bores me to death, from his voice, to his looks, I just don't buy him.

BUT, I don't post stuff like "Oh gee, Christian is so untalented, he should be burried and fired after a while, derp." I consider Christian one of the most underrated Superstars in history, WWE standards-wise. Except his look, he's the complete package, and that's why he isn't a 6~7 time World Champion, and doesn't have a better career.

It's called having a fucking brain. Just because you, or whoever dislikes a certain Superstar, it doesn't mean he's automatically talentless, worthless, and should be 'fired' or 'off TV'.
And it especially doesn't mean you have to enter in a childish-denial mode, and claim every chant, every reaction, or whatever, is piped in or 'fake'.

Alot of people like to ask, "Just because he's over, does that mean I have to like him?"

Well reverse that question, and ask to yourself. "Just because I dislike him, does that mean he's not over?"

Get it now? Fucking hell.

*I know, another complaining thread, but sometimes this forum makes me facepalm so hard.
Finally someone says something that makes sense.
I hope you get lots of green rep for such sane and intelligent words.


Originally Posted by Elstro1988 View Post
Really, really enjoyed this week's Superstars. Honestly, the fans who are too snobbish to watch it, dismissing it as 'Jobberstars' really miss out.
Originally Posted by -Extra- View Post
This post really makes you too smart for a '12er, doesn't it? Your new join date is 2008.
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