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Re: The Ryback haters are so thick headed.

Originally Posted by ThatWeirdGuy View Post
I like him, actually. I think the angle he's in with Mahal was just to test the waters to see how he could actually work in a feud, and it seems that the fans are behind him which is good. Looking forward to seeing him slowly progress onto a different heel after he's done with Mahal, and I think The Miz could well be the best candidate.
I wager that they are going to push Ryback as a tweener, and there are some good indicators that this is the case. His new theme song has some aggressive lyrics, however combined with his gimmick, implies that everyone is fair game. He seems to only respect strength, and the weak or rather those who lose deserve no mercy. Look at the time when Jinder Mahal mocked Ryback against two Jobbers and proceeded to Shellshock both of them to send Jinder a message. Everyone in WWE is in the food chain, and Ryback intends on getting his fill.

Meat on the table, yeah that's what you are.
Yeah you can run, but you won't get too far. (Hey!)
You're in my Jungle and I'll make the kill.
Meat on the table and I'll get my fill.

You're so damn weak man and you don't belong.
You're only purpose is to feed the strong.
You are the hunted to lay down and pray.
I'm always hungry and I' get my way.

All in all, his character seems to be a sort of 'survival of the fittist' brawling badass. All these factors seperate him from Goldberg's gimmick which was an unstoppable force of nature. So in that sense I see Ryback as a more human character to begin with. So in a way, it seems like Ryback has a similar gimmick to Randy Orton.

So perhaps eventually we will get The Viper vs the Wrecking Machine, who will be the true apex predator? Or well, thats how it probably would be hyped up, might happen, might not. Depends on how creative/booking plays it's cards.

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