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I'm quite curious to read everybody's opinion about this question.

Which scene of mass-murder on Breaking Bad is your favorite or which do you think is better....?

Gus Fring poisoning himself and the entire Cartel (at the very least, the important Cartel members)?

Walt & co. taking out all 9 or 10 of Gus's former employees?

The prison murders scene was well done and something that seemed literally impossible but Walt in Heisenberg mode made it look easy but I don't think it even comes close to what Gus accomplished. The Cartel was making it very hard for Gus to run his vast and very professional empire and they would of most likely ended up killing Gus if he wouldn't start working for them. Instead Gus decided that he wasn't going to work for anybody and that he was BOSS so he poisoned the alcohol that was passed out to everybody, the Cartel members and himself. The boss or don of the Cartel was really cautious/suspicious but once Gus drank the alcohol first, he thought errrythang was gravy which it was not. While everybody was enjoying their drink, Gus excused himself and went to the bathroom to... expel the poison he consumed and he ended doing such and getting most of it out. While he was doing that, outside Jesse was sitting with that hilarious look of being surprised, shocked, scared, nervous,and anxious all at once while all the Cartel member were dropping like flies.

That scene was easily my favorite Breaking Bad moment and it showed how BADASS Gus was by ingesting the poison himself to make it seem like the alcohol was legit. Mike had a great quote when Jesse asked what was going to happen and Mike said something like "Either we're all leaving Mexico or nobody is leaving Mexico" which was great. It also showed how smart and just awesome Gus was by him already having a makeshift emergency room setup back in the states with a surgeon/doctor just hoping for the best but expecting the worse which ended up saving both Mike & Gus' lives.

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