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Re: 1001 And Beyond


The return of the Viper Randy Orton!

We will hear from WWE legend Mick Foley

much much more!



Lillian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, WWE Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley!


The hardcore legend makes his way to the ring dressed in his traditional flannel and sweats

Foley: My oh my, how great it is to be back here on Smackdown especially, here, in Columbus Ohio!(cheap pop)

Foley: So why is Mick Foley out here tonight in front of all of you, I mean surely I can't get in the ring and wrestle anymore, I mean just take one look at me, I think Hornswoggle could go longer in a match. So if not to make my 15th unretirement, maybe he wrote his 5th autobiography that he has come out to hock to all of you? Nope that's not it at all...

Foley: So what then? well I have come to announce that I just got off a flight from Connecticut in a meeting with the WWE board of directors, and well it came to their attention, since the firing of John Laurenitas that Smackdown's general manager position is currently vacant and will remain as such until the match between Brock Lesnar and HHH is resolved. So I suggest that until that time, maybe Smackdown should have itself an interim general manager, and well long story short, I am that guy! Mrs Foley's baby boy is in charge!

Foley: So with that said, I have the power to pretty much do anything, and that's exactly what i have done! My first order is to reshape Smackdown in my image. For years you have all had memories of me being blown up, falling in thumbtacks, falling off 30 foot cages, and of course losing my ear in Germany... like I said earlier, I think I've had my fair share of it over the years, so why not let some of these guys in the back an opportunity to experience some of that! So i decided, it's time to bring back the HARDCORE TITLE!


Foley: Sooo the question now is, who will be the holder of our new Hardcore Championsip... well I have certainly give that alot of thought and....



Huge pop!! for the returning Randy Orton!! Orton though still his stoic character can't help but crack smiles all over the place at the prospect of returning to his profession!

Orton: My God It feels so good to be back!!! Mick, Mick, with all due respect... there is only one man in this building right now capable of holding that hardcore title and you're looking at him. I mean hey with all due respect, it was 8 years ago when I RKO'd you on a barbed wire defeating you in a hardcore match. And hey let's look at my track record, rather, let's look at the people who aren't here currently as a result of me, like, Ric Flair (wooooo) and Shane McMahon. I've committed the most atrocities, which has made me the Apex Predator of the WWE, so who better to carry a belt with so much blood attached....



The Monster Kane makes his way to the ring to some cheers, but ofcourse he is the ultimate tweener.

Kane: You? Randy Orton? The man who committed the most atrocities in the WWE? Maybe you have received one too many concussions Randy. You're looking at a man who in the last 15 years has a resume of setting my brother on fire in a casket, set good ol JR on fire, tombstoned Linda McMahon and you say you put away Shane McMahon? Impressive, but you are looking at a man who electrocuted his testicles! And Mick, well I do have my fair share of history with you, I mean I did throw you off of hell in a cell once now didn't I? So if anyone in this building personifies hardcore, it's me, the devil's favourite demon, Kane!

Randy Orton: Well, Mr. Devil's Favourite demon, whatever the hell you call yourself these days... I've already beaten you, but if you want me to show you whose more sinister well then all you had to do was ask...


Daniel Bryan makes his way through the curtain to a chorus of boos

Bryan: No no no no no no...
You, giant psychotic snake man, and you burnt up masked, equally psychotic evil masked giant will not come in here and say they deserve to be hardcore champion. Last week, I was completely embarrassed by a 95 pound skipping little whore who tore my heart right out of my chest! You want brutality, wait and see what I stir up because I no longer have a heart, I have no conscience, I will make these men standing here look like carebears...

Foley: Well, there are.. 1...2...3 of you guys all with pretty legit cases for the title so I say, Summerslam.. triple threat hardcore elimination match... Bryan, Kane Orton! Well guys I gotta go, HAVE A NICE DAY!....

BOOOM RKO TO DANIEL BRYAN...BRYAN BOUNCES OFF THE MAT INTO KANE'S CLENCHED HAND AROUND HIS THROAT!! CHOKESLAM TO BRYAN!! KANE TURNS, RKO!!! Orton stands over the two men as he goes to shake Foley's hand, Orton offers and in a swift movement RKO TO THE INTERIM GM!! Orton shrugs his shoulders as he stands over the three fallen men as his music plays.


We return to see Mick Foley walking backstage working off the kinks of his neck. Orton walks behind him.

Orton: Sorry about that Mick... spur of the moment type thing, plus I really missed doing that to people..

Mick: Forget about it

Randy walks away as Mick walks into his office. Mick walks in to find Alberto Del Rio in the office with his feet up on Mick's desk. He welcomes him to Smackdown, which he is the face of and reminds him that he is the future and that it's his destiny to be the greatest of the great. He demands that he get his shot at Sheamus immediately. Mick makes him a deal telling him that in tonight's main event, it will be SHEAMUS VS ALBERTO DEL RIO and if Del Rio wins he will go on to Summerslam to take on Sheamus for the belt.

Return to arena


Big Show gets down to the ring ready for action. Already in the ring, his undersized opponent Tyson Kidd.


Kidd is the clear underdog in this match but he puts in a great battle. Big Show goes for a chokeslam but Kidd COUNTERS WITH A DDT! Big Show is shaken up clearly, Kidd with this moment of weakness jumps to the top rope. MISSILE DROPKICK.......NO BIG SHOW CATCHES HIM BY THE THROAT WITH A MASSIVE CHOKESLAM! Cover..........1.............2.......3

Winner: Big Show

Big Show, though the winner, still looks to be in the sourest of moods tonight. He grabs the fallen carcass of Kidd, and stands him up. Big Show clenches his massive fist and NAILS HIM WITH THE WMD! Kidd slumps to the ring limp and likely unconscious. Big Show goes over to Lillian and yells, "Gimme a damn microphone!"

Big Show: I'm pretty pissed off tonight! (boos). I shouldn't be here tonight on Smackdown beating up on complete nobodies. I am a GIANT I am one of the WWE's most profitable attractions and this is how Vince McMahon decides to show me respect. He pulls me off the main event of the flagship show competing for the WWE title and drops me on Smackdown doing absolutely NOTHING!

Heat for the angry, bitter giant.

Big Show: Why is that Vince? huh? You getting back at me for knocking you out all those weeks back? Well I hope you're happy, because you made an already angry giant even angrier. You want to know what happens when I get angry? People get destroyed... careers get ended. So my home now is Smackdown, but I will not fade into the background, every opponent from here on out, I will show no mercy toward, I'm not going to just beat guys, I'm gonna take their livelihoods. Whose gonna stop me? I have my IRON CLAD CONTRACT to protect me. You are now looking at the most dominant force in the WWE....


The massive killing machine.. Ryback appears makes his way to the ring bobbing his head. He climbs in the ring across from Big Show, staring a hole into the giant. he holds a mic in his hand

Big Show: Who the hell are you?!

Ryback: I... am Ryback, and I am at the top of the food chain!

Big Show: You? the top of the food chain? Ha! That's rich! Why is that big man, because you beat up some guys working at McDonald's part time. Let me clue you in to who I am. I am the Big Show and I have been destroying the best of the best for little under 20 years now. I have seen an defeated them all. I've been the top of this food chain since you were at you're mothers breast yelling FEED ME MORE! I am the predator and everyone else is prey...

BAMMMMM!! RYBACK IN ONE FELL SWOOP CLOBBERS BIG SHOW WITH A MEAT HOOK CLOTHESLINE SENDING THE GIANT TO THE GROUND!! The sound of the microphone falling.. Ryback stands over the falling carcass of the Big Show. He turns to the audience and does FEED ME MORE chants as the crowd sings along.


We return to a backstage area in which Titus O'Neil, Darren Young and AW are in a room resembling a VIP section of a club. Darren and Titus are with two women flirting. AW pops a bottle and pours glasses for the pretty girls as Mick Foley enters. He tells them that Darren Young will take on Sin Cara later tonight. They object angrily as Foley tells them to get ready.




Competitive fun rematch from Wrestlemania 27. Rey Mysterio has Rhodes set up for the 619. HITS IT! He goes up for the Seated Senton, Rhodes ducks it, Rhodes kicks Mysterio in the knee and HITS THE CROSSROADS! 1...2....3

Winner: Cody Rhodes.

Rhodes grabs a mic

Rhodes: Alright that's it, there is something that I'm missing, something that I'm not complete with and that is the Intercontinental Championship, I brought that title from the rubble it was in, when it was held by the likes of Santino Marella and brought it back to its deserved prominence so I want the current "Champion" to get out here and give me back what i deserve!


The Miz comes down to the ring dressed in a suit holding the Intercontinental title.

Cody: Thank you for taking that belt off of someone so washed up and overrated now give the belt to its rightful owner...

Miz: Really? Really? Really? Do you really think I came down here to walk down to this ring to hand you this title, really???

Cody: You know you don't deserve it, I mean look at who you beat to get it. A man who spent his entire career in the shadows of his best friend, winning a World Title by fluke and a guy who is too injured from your skull crushing finale to be here. And let's look at the man who beat Christian, a man who got by in this company on pure luck, I mean look at it this way, you won a ladder match by FLUKE to grab a briefcase, cashed it in after Randy Orton was destroyed by the Nexus and won, and at Wrestlemania needed help from The Rock to beat John Cena I mean its no wonder why the WWE has you doing movies, because in the ring, you can't get it done quite like Cody Rhodes can... I am the future of this buis....

The Miz yanks the mic out of Cody's hand and WHIPS IT INTO THE CROWD! Huge ovation for this

The Miz: I'm sorry, I had to cut you off right there Cody. What do you know about who the future of the business because it certainly isn't you! I came into the WWE a skinny reality tv star from CLEVELAND OHIO!!! (big cheap pop). fans booed me, the talent backstage treated me like a leopard so what did i do to prove the haters wrong? I worked my ass off to rep this company and to become the most MUST SEE WWE CHAMP OF AAAAAAAAAAAALLLLL TIME! What do you know about working your way up? Because the only thing anyone really remembers of you at this point is for being Dusty Rhodes son, and Randy Orton's bitch!(ooooooooo!!!!) There's one future of the WWE and you're looking at him because I'm the Miz!! AND I'M AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWESOME!!

The Miz leaves the ring with his title belt raised up high over his head as Cody Rhodes looks on with a look of pure disdain


Cuts to arena


The new tag Champs come down to the ring, Titus and AW dressed in street clothes while Darren is in his ring gear.


The mysterious Mexican masked Wrestler makes his way to the ring


Sin Cara has Young perched on the top and nails him THE MOONSAULT SIDE SLAM. 1...2....3


Titus O'Neil and AW almost immediately charge the ring and ambush the maksed man. they stop away on him as Darren recovers and joins in on the fun. AW directs them to hold Sin Cara back. AW screams in his mic that he's going to expose his face to the entire world when..... REY MYSTERIO RUNS TO THE RING WIELDING A STEEL CHAIR....THE PTP SWIFTLY RETREAT. Rey Mysterio helps Sin Cara up as the crowd applauds....

Cuts backstage

We see Matt Striker standing by with the Miz

Striker: Miz, I wanna know, how do you feel about Cody Rhodes' disparaging remarks to you regarding your Intercontinental title reign

Miz: Well Matt....

Cody Rhodes suddenly nails Miz from behind!!! he throws the champion into a concrete wall . As the Miz tries to get himself up using the wall, Cody grabs a giant equipment crate and slides it right off MIZ HAND!! BREAKING IT SURELY ON CONTACT!! Medical attention tends to the Miz as Cody grabs his title and walks away with a sinister smile on his face


MAIN EVENT: ALBERTO DEL RIO VS SHEAMUS: NON TITLE if del rio wins he gets another title shot.

The match is a long competitive brawling style. Sheamus goes to the top rope to perform a diving maneuver when Del Rio trips the referee sending him into the ropes causing Sheamus to crotch the top. Del Rio runs toward the turnbuckle to give Sheamus a running Insiguri but Sheamus catches him by the legs and in one fell swoop repositions him into a firemans carry. WHITE NOISE OFF THE TOP ROPE... 1.....2.....3


Sheamus begins to celebrate his big time victory when all of the sudden a man wearing a hooded sweatshirt clubs him from behind with a vicious clothesline!! He lifts up his hood and....ITS WADE BARRETT !!!! Wade, begins to stomp on the fallen champ and then he reaches into his pockets and as he reveals A SET OF BRASS KNUCKLES ON EACH HAND!! He yells for for Sheamus to get to his feet, Sheamus turns around into a VICIOUS COMBINATION, RIGHT PUNCH TO THE RIBS, LEFT PUNCH TO THE RIBS AND A SICK UPPERCUT WITH HIS SOUTHPAW KNOCKING THE IRISHMAN ON HIS BACK. Barrett is far from finished as he continues to throw steel covered rights and lefts at Sheamus all over his body, specifically targetting his ribs until it appears Sheamus is out cold...referees and officials run from backstage to restrain the possessed looking Barrett. Wade after being restrained picks up The Great White's title belt and raises it high over his head as trainers tend to the fallen champion as we fade to black



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