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Re: "You are the WHC and that makes you second at best"

Originally Posted by Choke2Death View Post
I'm actually more like Starbuck with Punk than you think. If he does something good, I give him credit. His shoot promo was great, some of the stuff he said at the contract signing was truth, he's had many great matches with Cena, Bryan and so on and "Funkman" is probably the only genuinely funny joke I've heard coming from him. And I also loved the promo where he completely demolished Del Rio. It's also the last Punk promo I ever liked, which is also his last 'shoot' style one excluding the goofy three-way contract signing before TLC. Otherwise, I think he's overrated and extremely over-hyped and I simply find him unentertaining. I don't really have an automatic negative mind-set regarding him, it's just that a lot of his fans here are annoying, making me feel a bit better when I look like the devil's advocate.
Everyone gave credit to, and enjoyed Punk around his shoot time. It was a awesome promo followed by a great storyline that WWE ruined when Triple H had to ruin Punk's momentum by beating him at Night of Champions. Yes you praise Punk for some matches, like his OTL won, but who didn't? That was a classic. On the other hand, you're the only guy who gave his MITB match with Bryan a *1/2 rating. Compared with everyone else's ratings and opinions on that match, that was a ridiculous rating, but that's your opinion I guess. Your name came to mind when I wrote that post because in the last few months I haven't see you say any positive things about Punk. You say if he does something good, you'll give him credit? I think Punk's recent heel turn, with how it's been built well and slowly transforming every week has been good viewing. I'm not even that big of a Punk fan, but I've enjoyed it. He's always worked better as a heel, it's comes across as more natural, and him getting the best of Cena has been good, maybe not for you being that you're a Cena fan, but I'm aware that you really dislike Cena's stale character as well, so I thought you might of liked some of what's happened in the last month or so.
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