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Re: "You are the WHC and that makes you second at best"

^^^^ Yes. Seamus just standing there and accepting it didn't help matters either lol.

Originally Posted by Obis View Post
But that's my point. Everyone's different and chances are Sheamus wouldn't be right in the role Punk is in now. The current Sheamus, absolutely not. Even the Sheamus from 2009-2010 wouldn't fit.

I do wonder, if you haven't said in this thread yet, how would you have had Punk say that? If the problem is how he said it and not necessarily what he said, how would you have put it? (This isn't me trying to tease, I'm curious as to what your ideal way of putting the idea of what Punk was saying into words).
There's a big difference between, "I'm the WWE Champ because I'm the BITW and that makes me better than you" and "You're the WHC so you're second best to me." In the first, Punk is focusing on himself, what he is and why he is better. In the second, Punk is saying that because Seamus is the WHC, that makes him second best. He isn't talking about what Seamus himself is, he's focusing on the title and proclaiming it to be inferior because of what IT is and therefore the champion himself. I just didn't like the way it was phrased but I honestly don't think it's that big of a deal. Most people will have forgotten about it already.

EDIT - I realize that will come across as nitpicky but I can't help what naturally ran through my mind after hearing the promo.

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