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Re: "You are the WHC and that makes you second at best"

Originally Posted by Obis View Post
All I'm going to say is everyone's different. Sheamus probably just brushes it off and continues doing what he does as WHC. Then again, he did take a dig at Punk on twitter.

What if this does play into a future storyline between the two? Either to unify the belts, or once they're both going for the same title? It wouldn't entirely surprise me if they're planting the seeds for the feud. The only question is when does it happen? I mean if it's Rock/Cena for WWE Title, Taker/Lesnar... and Punk/Sheamus for WHC? Wasn't my ideal match for Punk, but I could dig it. Of course Sheamus would be going over, but I've accepted the fact WWE wants him as the next top face and there's not much that can be done about it unless Sheamus royally fucks up.
Everyone's different? Come on lol. I'm not trying to play the CM PUNK BREKS DA KAYFABE DURR card here but who else would get a storyline like this other than Punk? Seamus is cartoony as it gets with regards to his character while Punk is the complete opposite. He'd never get to cut a promo like that and quite frankly, I wouldn't want him to. Punk occasionally blurring those lines is more than enough. Jesus though. All I said is that I don't think he should have said it the way he did. Where's the fire lol?

Originally Posted by The Lady Killer View Post
I remember that now.

Wrestlemania 46

WWE Ultimate Champion of Champions Championship Match

Triple H in tighty whiteys vs. Broomstick: The Rematch

Twice in a lifetime.
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