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Re: "You are the WHC and that makes you second at best"

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
LOL, all of you making an issue of this are getting worked.

CM Punk is saying his title is above Sheamus's because he's a heel and that's what heels do. Why doesn't anybody make an issue of Del Rio saying "THE ENTIRE ROSTER IS BENEATH ME!".

Hell, go back and watch the old Triple H and JBL backstage segment from Survivor Series 2004, which basically equated to both of them telling the other MY WORLD TITLE IS BETTER THAN YOURS. Nobody gave a shit then.

People just CAN'T be heels anymore, can they? Just because what he said is the truth doesn't mean he said it maliciously with intent to bury Sheamus or the title, it's all within the context of the show. Of COURSE somebody who bills themselves as "Best In The World" isn't going to admit another champion is on par with him.
This. I didn't have a problem with it anyway, it's the truth. Who's opening PPV's and having an awful, drawn-out feud with Del Rio that's lowering the ratings week after week? Sheamus.

Originally Posted by Starbuck View Post
My only problem is the way he said it. It's not the first time I've had a problem with the way Punk has said things. His promo with ADR springs to mind here. If he phrased it differently it wouldn't have come off so bad. I actually cringed as soon as I heard it though. You can't prevent your natural reactions to things.
Would you have ''cringed'' though if the roles where reversed and Sheamus as the WWE Champion was talking down to Punk as the World Champion? I doubt it. People are defensive about their favorites, and I know you're a fan of Sheamus so naturally you found that comment worse than someone like me for example who doesn't care for Sheamus at all.

I know you don't hate Punk, but you don't like him either, but there's those like Jammy in this thread who are all over Punk's case, which is not surprising at all considering he feelings about him.
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