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Re: Your 5 Star Match Lists

Originally Posted by Seabs View Post
Had a list about a year back but it hasn't been updated since then so there's probably a match or two missing. Only blank spots are Joshi and Lucha.

Austin vs Trips - 3SOH - NWO 01
HBK vs Trips - SSlam 02
HBK vs Ramon - Ladder Match - WM 10
Bret vs Owen - WM 10
HBK vs Benoit vs Trips - WM 20
Austin vs Bret - WM 13
HBK vs Taker - HIAC - Bad Blood 97
TLC I - Summerslam 2000

Flair vs Steamboat - WWar 89
Flair vs Steamboat - Chi-Town 89

Joe vs AJ vs Daniels - Unbreakable 05
XXX vs AMW - SSOS - Turning Point 04

Hennig vs Bockwinkel - AWA 85

Kobashi vs Sasaki - NOAH 05
Kobashi/Go vs Sasaki/Nakajima - NOAH 05
Kobashi vs Misawa - NOAH 03
KENTA/Ishimori vs Marafuji/Ibushi - NOAH 07

Joe vs Punk II - ROH 04
Danielson vs Strong - Supercard Of Honor
Nigel vs Danielson - Driven
Wolves vs Danielson/Black - Tag Title Classic

Jumbo/Misawa I
Jumbo/Misawa II
Can-ams vs Kobashi/Kikuchi - 25/05/1992
Misawa/Kobashi vs Kawada/Taue - 24/01/1995
Misawa/Kobashi vs Kawada/Taue - 9/6/1995
Misawa vs Kobashi - 20/01/1997

My *****3/4 list would be much cooler with stuff like Murdoch/Windham, Duggan/DiBiase, Lawler/Dundee, Lawler/Idol, Liger/Sano, Kanemoto/Samuarai and Santo/Casas/Dandy amongst others.
i would be interested in seeing ths "*****3/4" list. even if it's ****3/4 i'd still be interested. went through this whole thread looking for new stuff to watch so let's see some more matches!

re: HDA vs Misawa/Kawada 6/9/95. that and undertaker vs hbk from WM XXV have to be my two most watched matches of the last year. i can't get enough of those and never find them hard to watch.

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