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Originally Posted by Megan Fox View Post
That's because Dexter vastly improved when the producer changed. Instead of trying to be badass to appeal to nerds, the show has branched out successfully to other demos with great characters like Travis Marshall and Lumen Pierce, as well as Deb's epiphany that she views her brother as her soulmate. Ratings for the show are the highest they've ever been.

From a ratings and marketing standpoint, I have no criticisms of Breaking Bad. Artistically, this never ending crime story is artificial and surrounds the most unlikable cunts I've ever seen. Greg House is a deeply sensitive gentleman compared to Walter White.
So BB is artificial, but Dexter, a show where every other person in Miami is some sort of serial killer, is not?

BB is all about characters, you know, breaking bad. That is one of the best aspects of the show. Most of the major characters have done things which are frowned upon by society, but they show how the characters struggle with their morals. It is up to the viewers to still like the characters or not. But we get to see what drove them to those extremes. Walter White started out as a man who you felt sympathetic about but at this point in the story he has completely turned over to the "dark side". The show has shown his slow change perfectly with him really questioning his deeds in the early seasons. It is fascinating to watch.

Don't know when the producers of Dexter were changed but it would make sense to me if it was after season 4. Seasons 1, 2 and 4 were the peaks of the show imo and since then the show has declined. Last season was a bit of an improvement from 6 but the sloppy writing was still there. And the best parts of 7 were the characters of Edward James Olmos and Mos Def, not Travis Marshall. Don't really care that the ratings have improved. That just means that Showtime is making lots of money, doesn't prove that the show is improving.

Edit - Forgot to mention that, along with Mad Men, BB is one of the most beautifully shot TV shows of all time. The cinematography, music, hell even the sound design, is almost always perfect.

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