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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

The calm after the storm...

As the dust settled, CM Punk emmerged from the scene clinging onto his WWE Championship. He had done it again, he had retained the Championship against both John Cena andThe Big Show. As Punk backed up the entrance ramp, with his gold raised high in the air, the arena's attenion was averted towards the announce table where Cena and The Big Show were brawling. Both were chucking fists, but it was The Big Show's strength and size that prevailed. Big Show winded Cena with a right hand to the gut, and polished it off with a WMD straight to Cena's jaw. Cena crumbled to the padded floor like a sack of 'shit'.

Meanwhile, CM Punk stood on the stage and watched with intent. It was the hatred between John Cena and The Big Show that allowed him to leave WWE Summerslam as the WWE Champion, but he didn't care. He smiled as Big Show lifted a dazed Cena to his feet, and dropped him right through the announce table with a deafening thud. Show burnt a hole through Cena's broken body and didn't avert his gaze, even when Punk's music echoed around the place.

It was clear to see that Big Show and Cena had just rekindled a vicious rivalry, and that at this moment in time, CM Punk, and the WWE Championhip were on the backburners for both.

Where does this leave the WWE Championship situation. Who will be the next number one contender? What will Monday bring for Cena and The Big Show.

Tune into WWE Monday Night RAW - The Calm After The Storm.

Coming soon...

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